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Carolina Boy 11-19-2009 01:20 AM

"Tying for the troops"
OK so I realize this is super late, I have a couple friends down in the low country of SC, one of who is a active duty service man, he has recently returned from iraq and is the SC Chapter Coordinator- for Heroes on the Water

from what I have learned his chapter in SC is sending a big care package to the boys in iraq, I am taking a couple boxes of buggers and clousers I tied an inexpensive SA rod and reel combo, several lines, floatant, a pack, some older wadin boots, and some other stuff. From what he has told me they will take anything, and some of the boys can actually fish out there in the middle of ****. I am getting such a late jump on this, I am headed down there next week for Thanksgiving with my family, and to deliver all i could aquire so far. Next year i will be all over y'all for this stuff,but i just learned about it. So all I can say is check out the cause and do what you can, please. I love America, I love our Military, and our Men and Women need every bit of support they can get right now. To think that some hero from YOUR home town could get a minute of relief, from saving our ***, over there in ****, by casting a line, or catching a fish, sure does get me fired up to hit the vise or the garage for any old used fishing gear of ANY type. They will take anything. There is one thing that i love so much about my home state of South Carolina, and Tennessee and that is we are Red Blooded God Fearing American's. Anything you can do to help our Brave men and women would be appreciated. ALWAYS remeber we spend our time talkin about our fishing days and boast about our catch, while our heroes risk their lives so we can do so. Anyone that is interested in helping can hit me on this forum or email me at or call me at 828-400-3335 Thank you, and GOD BLESS our Troops

Barry Murphy

JohnH0802 11-19-2009 08:55 AM

Sounds like a great cause, and I applaud you for helping. I too feel the same way and will do what I can prior to you coming down next week.

flyred06 11-19-2009 11:00 AM

I will donate some flies to the cause that I have tied. Do I need to get them to you? IF so how. I can get them out as early as today. Thanks for post and if you served or anyone else that has THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE. GOD bless america and the men and women who protect us.

Carolina Boy 11-19-2009 09:24 PM

Hey FLYRED, hit me up with a email or just call me 828-400-3335, we can figure out how to get whatever to the appropriate people. From what I have gathered streamers, buggers, clousers and baitfish imitations are choice for the boys in iraq, They litterally will use anything we can give, old packs tippet leaders floatant older fly line anything, and for everybody else I am gonna take it upon myself to collect equipment from here on out in anticipation of the next package to be mailed so anyone who wants to help this will be a ongoing mission. Last night i was at the vise and couldn't help but think how cool that my flies will catch fish in iraq! But more than anything I am so thankful and proud to be able to help, in some small way, the men and women that are risking everything for us. Thanks so much to anyone that is willing to help me with this.

Barry Murphy

flyred06 11-20-2009 04:23 PM

I will shoot you an email or give you a call around Saturday. I already have you about 2 dozen flies together and trying to round you up some more. Mainly woolly buggers but may be some clousers and some poppers.

Carolina Boy 11-20-2009 08:37 PM

Thatis awesome! Thanks so much, i may jhave you mail em to my Dad (retired Navy) down in charleston and he can give em to the guys to ship if they don't make it before end of next weekend, I am meeting up to deliver the goods on the Monday following T-Giving weekend.
talk to you soon!
Oh and if I don't answer i am fishing but leave a message and I'll hit you back, thanks

Barry Murphy

flyred06 11-30-2009 11:11 PM

I sent out my flies to Barry and when he received them he called me and personally talked with me for several minutes. This man is trying real hard to do something for our men and women in harms way. I would like to personally thank him for what he is trying to do and challange each one of us to go through some of our stuff that we might not be using any more or even buy new and donate to this cause. Maybe when you are tying some flies tie a few extra and drop in the mail along with a christmas card for a soldier. It want take you but just a few minutes and it might bring happiness to a persons who is in HELLS belly and awy from home sacrfificing for our freedoms. Barry GOD bless you and your family for this.

Carolina Boy 12-02-2009 12:53 AM

Thank you sir for your kind words and your generous offering to the cause. I really cannot thank you enough. For anyone out there that wants to help out I just delievered a bunch of stuff, some from me, Flyred06 and his wonderful wife, and my local small flyshop. I encourage any of you aout there that wants to help out to contact me at and we can get things to the troops. The fishing there is lake style and they do NOT wade due to water quality, however they use 6-8 weights and the fish are strong. My new frined that was stationed there until a few months ago said they have a big locker area for all gear and it literally offers them relief for several hours ever three weeks. Boys and girls we go fishing for several hours when we have a bad day to forget the troubles of our lives. The Men and Women who maintain our freedom to do this have "bad days' that we Thank GOD will never know, the least I feel that I can do is offer them the ability to go fishing, any gear, and tackle, anything will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much to Flyred06 and his family, I truly hope to one day meet you sir on a river or a flat. GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS OUT MILITARY.

Barry Murphy

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