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MikeRob 02-10-2010 09:51 AM

Cherokee Snow Bows
It took us four hours to get to Cherokee from Townsend via the dragon but we did it. Caught some good stockers, the one on top my nephew caught it is 10lb 8oz and 25". We caught these on trout magnent(which I now swear by these and some florocarbon line), as we also do some spin fishing. My nephew hooked into what was probably close to a state record (It was way larger in the water than the 10 pounder) but after about a 20 min fight it buried under some brush and broke his line. Gotta love some big stockers. We caught seven overall one is not in pic.

rivergal 02-10-2010 11:51 AM

I ran into a fellow on Tellico River who was really sold on Trout Magnets.
He was catching fish when nobody else was.

MadisonBoats 02-10-2010 12:38 PM

Nice fish! I tried heading up there last Friday; but, was side tracked by the weather....

pmike 02-10-2010 03:52 PM

Mind if I ask?
Where those were caught, I figure it wasn't the C & R Trophy section? Nice looking fish!


Scott Spencer 02-10-2010 06:52 PM

Those are nice fish. I wonder if the trout magnet can be done on a fly? :)

fishndoc 02-10-2010 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by Scott Spencer (Post 76736)
Those are nice fish. I wonder if the trout magnet can be done on a fly? :)

Be fun to see what happens with drifting one through some of the Paradise Valley spring creeks.:biggrin:

I have seen the Trout Magnets in WalMart, but just figured they were a gimmick. Maybe not.
Found this "instructional video", part of which they say is filmed in Gatlinberg:
Those stockers sure are fond of the lure!


fishndoc 02-11-2010 12:18 AM


Originally Posted by Scott Spencer (Post 76736)
Those are nice fish. I wonder if the trout magnet can be done on a fly? :)

I read a little more on the Trout Magnet web site, and under their "experts" link is this about a TN guy named Roy Hawk:
"One thing that Roy loves is that Trout Magnets can be fished successfully on either a fly rod or spinning outfit using light line is the key. Roy has been active in the Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited"


Rog 1 02-11-2010 10:12 AM

My son began catching trout in the Park on these things before moving up to fly fishing...they are very effective....he used an ultra light spinning outfit with a split shot about a foot or so above the magnet....the magnets are sold with a weighted jig in the package but we never used this...always strung the magnet on a small hook and let the lure kind of float in the current above the split shot...I would imagine this could be fished with a fly rod like using a green weenie or any type of larger nymph....I imagine an 8 0r 10 sized hook with maybe a bead head up front would be just the thing....these things are plastic so they need some kind of weight to get them down a little.

gmreeves 02-11-2010 11:49 AM

I wish I could post this anonymously. I will confess that I have had fun toying with trout on a plastic very similar to the trout magnet. One of my buddies who always told me how he would watch people slay the trout on the Davidson with a particular plastic. So one day he asked the local what he was using. He told him what it was and that he could get them at Wal-Mart in Brevard. He went and bought some and him and his brother wore them out. He said it was a joke how you could see fish run from the other side of the river after them. I joked on him for years about this until one day while on the Nantahala, we were just about to leave. He had drifted over a pod of 6 or 7 fish that didn't even look at his fly. He told me that the said plastic would probably wear them out. I told him I didn't believe him. He stripped a woolly bugger down to a bear hook, put the plastic on the hook, cast it out ahead of the pod of fish, and I couldn't believe it. Fish came out of unseen hiding places to attack this thing. They would grab hold of it, shake it around, and when it was pulled out of their mouth, they were so fired up, they honestly attacked some sticks and leaves that were floating past on the surface. It was unreal. We then cut the plastic in half and continued to toy with these trout and landed several. It was funny how this pod of inactive trout turned into a ball of piranha's when the said plastic hit the water. I haven't done that since but have often thought about it after leaving a pool that I knew held trout but didn't catch any out of. These were all stocked fish so I'm sure it would have been different on wild water but still. It was ridiculous. I felt dirty but at the same time I had to laugh.

Varmitcounty 02-11-2010 12:38 PM

I have tied a fly that works pretty darn good. One of my daughters had a box of dress up clothes and in it was a feather boa...same pink color as said plastic bait. I tied it with a couple of x-tra items and it is a go getter for brookies and those of the broad shouldered DH variety.


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