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lauxier 02-17-2010 01:56 PM

I've had a couple of people email me,wanting the recipe,I mentioned in a earlier post,for Chef Paul's Pecan Trout.
1)Take about a couple cups of pecans-chop them-then in a mortar grind them into a powder or flour as chef paul say's with a pestle-the pecan flour has a moist feel so add about 1tsp corn meal,and a little flour(1tsp) salt and pepper.Take a trout, head off,I'm like Jerry Clowers,a cooked fish with the head on looks too much like "folks" to eat.coat the trout in the pecan flour mixture,then dip the floured trout in an egg wash,then dip in pecan flour mixture again,cook till golden brown,it just takes a minute or two,in peanut oil 350 degrees,Honestly,the finished trout will look too good to eat,the pecans give it a a slightly sweet taste.Those pesky 8-12 inch Smoky Mnt trout work perfectly,not to mention they are the best tasting trout known to man.If you marinate your cleaned trout in lemon juice for about an hour,they are even better.Serve up a mess of these golden brown trout,with new potatoes,cole slaw and corn bread and you'll be hit for sure,like my grandma used to say"If you can't eat that ,you can do without".

Scott H. 02-17-2010 10:58 PM

Man, that sounds good! My mouth is watering!

Thanks for sharing your recipe.


JohnH0802 02-17-2010 11:26 PM

Great recipe, cannot wait to give it a try.

Jim Casada 02-18-2010 09:53 AM

Lauxier--Sounds scrumptious, but I disagree on removing the heads. Even on small trout, there's a tiny but delicious tidbit in the cheek (gill plate). If the eyes bother you, they can be easilyr emoved when cleaning the fish by using your thumb to press against them and push it out. That should really be done anyway, since the center of the eye, when cooked, is hard as a rock. Jim Casada

Rog 1 02-18-2010 10:45 AM

I like to leave the heads on when I fry these little morsels up....pull of the fins and eat the fish like corn on the cob....when doing it this way the eye sockets make great finger holes to anchor the fish while munching the sweet meat off the backbone....adds new meaning to the term..."finger food"

lauxier 02-21-2010 11:13 PM

boys----you missed the point---the infamous j. clowers told it right--jim you are probably right,there IS some nice tender meat in the head---and ROG you are right also--you are both right---but boys that trout laying there on that plate all seasoned and ready to eat..looking up at you ...JUST LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE FOLKS!!!...please don't take this too seriously(my mom used to cook squirrels in gravey--head on--all 5 of us kids ate the questions asked...they were good,good,good...of course,that occured many years ago,before i got educated... the old culture of the mountains disappeared,and whatever we were,and whatever we are today needs lot's of squirrels in gravy,served up by stern parents,who did not give choices,and did not much care about your self esteem....

Jim Casada 02-22-2010 09:28 AM

Lauxier--The eyeless head "looking" at me doesn't trouble my palate at all. Guess that comes from a lifetime of eating trout with the heads intact.
As for squirrels, they were a pretty consistent item on the fall and winter table in the Casada household when I was a boy, and that remains the case today. However, the quintessential squirrel delicacy, the brains, was reserved for the patriarch of the family. Nowadays I cut the head off, since there has been research suggesting squirrel brains can cause mental problems. Lest anyone be tempted to suggest that's the problem with Br'er Casada, I'll simply note I never developed a taste for this delicacy because I never had a chance. However, I did eat muskrat and found it mightly fine fare indeed.
Jim Casada

orvis 02-22-2010 10:57 AM

J. Clower
I miss Jerry Clower, WHOOOOOOOOOOO, Shoot this thang, its killin me.

lauxier 02-22-2010 10:32 PM

j clowers again
I did not appreciate Clowers until long after he died.I was coming to the Smoky's,for a bit of fly fishing(a couple of years ago).Stopped at a convienent store on top of Jellico Mtn.Got a pop(soda),as I checked out,I saw a rack of DVD's by Clowers called "Jerry Clowers Greatest Hits"It was a 2 DVD set,I bought one for 7.99!!!The DVD's contained great stuff,no cursing,just fun stuff about coon hunting and country folks in Mississipi,a state that Clowers loved,even after he excelled selling ag chemicals,then became THE county comedien,of his time,his humor was always about those good and truthful people in smalltown Miss. He IS easy to miss,because he was one of those people who could actually find humor,in life's simplicity and goodness... in family hunting and fishing stuff...telling stories..judgement free.

orvis 02-23-2010 02:21 AM

As Jerry Clower said in his own words, (I aint never told a joke that you couldnt tell in church and thats the truth). I have listened to his storys for as long as I can remember. I had the chance to see one of his shows at Dollywood and I did not go. He passed away not to long after he did that show and I have regrets for not going to see him in person. In my mind I can just see aunt Pet and all them Ledbetters hangin on that old truck with the fenders floppin, comin down the road. He had some realy funny fishin stories to. I listen to his dvds when Iam on the road and it makes a very long trip seem a little shorter.

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