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Scott Spencer 03-15-2010 06:59 PM

4wt ok in Cherokee trophy section?
I posted this on another forum and have 20 views with no replies (I guess no one has an opinion to express over there) Anyone here have some advice or thoughts?

My wife and I will be going to Cherokee for a few days in May and our resources are limited in that she has a 4 wt and I have both a 5wt and 7 wt.

Presuming she sticks with her 4 wt.... What tippet size should we go with? I was thinking a 4x floro but I've never fished those waters. She is using a 5 ft uni-thread furled leader but we can switch to a floro leader if we need to. Is the 4wt asking for too much from her and should I just give her my 5 wt and me fish the 7wt?


Tarheelflyfishing 03-15-2010 08:33 PM

A 5wt-6wt is perfect. There are some huge fish in the Oconoluftee River C&R section, so a stouter rod is better. They can be pretty picky, but if you stay consistent you'll hook up. Palomino trout (albino rainbows) are found here which is just an added bonus to an excellent fishery.

Scott Spencer 03-15-2010 09:19 PM

Thank you, Tyler. I presume you are saying that the 4wt is a little too light for the C&R section with those big boys cruising around. :) Guess I'll let her use my 5 wt and I'll use the 7 wt

Waterborn 03-16-2010 08:28 AM

I think if you used the 4wt and her the 5 , will work out just fine. I used a 4wt and 5x with no problems - you might tie into a hot fish here and there, and as stockers go, may give you some fight (mostly momentum from thier porcine builds)- but nothing a 4wt coudln't handle. 'Course I only make it over the mountain once a year in the wintertime, they may put in bigger fish than the 5+lbers we were yanking on...
- stole the pic from my buddy Flick, man I have to get a waterproof camera!

gmreeves 03-16-2010 08:52 AM

I think a 4wt is fine. If she is concerned about it, you can trade with her. You have to remember that the rod weight is really what is able to throw the line which will throw the fly and not the size fish you are able to catch. To exagerate the point, you can point the rod directly at the fish and fight him from the reel. Of course then you lose any tippet protection from the flex of the rod. Since switching over to bamboo, I have learned to fight the fish with the butt section of the rod and not with the tip, and it is amazing how much control you have over the fish and how quickly you can tire them. Fish the 4wt and use your normal tippet for the size of the fly and enjoy yourself.

Carolina Boy 03-16-2010 01:22 PM

I use a 4 weight rod with a reel rigged with 5 weight over there, I use 6X fluro if i am going small using small myphs or SJ's but I will tie on bid streamers and fish heavier fluro tippet material, gmreeves is on the $ about using the rod to work fish. If you have ever seen the rod-to-water bottle- over the chair, trick (thank you Mr. Kent Edmonds) it really showns you where your power in the rod is. Put em on the reel and work those fatty's :biggrin:

JohnH0802 03-16-2010 03:03 PM

Hey Barry,
Can you give some more info on Mr. Edmonds demo, I would like to see that.


David Knapp 03-16-2010 05:13 PM

I've fished a 4 wt there and it works fine. For tippet, 5x or 6x depending on how picky the fish are...make sure you use fluoro...

Scott Spencer 03-16-2010 06:16 PM

Wow...excellent responses. It clearly shows that folks have different ideas on what to use. I'll take all three rods and just see which seems to work best for her and the fish we might happen to get on.

The 4wt has Airflo Ridgeline Polyfuse XT on it and my 5 wt has Rio Gold. I've had a complete brain fart and just remembered that my son has a 5 wt and it is loaded with SA GPX line. I didn't even think about snagging his rod!! :redface: I can take his rod/reel with us and that will probably be better than taking my 7 wt (my bass rod).

Seriously, thank you to everyone!!!

Carolina Boy 03-17-2010 12:38 PM

Hey John, OK Mr. Edmonds did this demonstration at a fly shop when i first met him and it I think that it is highly effective in revealing where the power and strengh in the rod is. Take a fly rod 5, 6, 7 whatever weight, rig it with a leader doesn't mateer the length or size, then tie the end of the leader around the top of a regular water bottle that has water in it, next let out some line and get a regular folding chair, or any chair you then put the bottle on the ground behind the chair and run the leader over the back rest so that the bottle is on the ground behind the chair which is facing you, what you are going to do is rais the fly rod so that the bottle of water rises off the ground as the back of the chair is between the rod tip and the bottle acting as a fulcrum ( i think fulcrum is what it is called?) first rais the rod on an angle such that the rod tip is what is raising the bottle, see how much the tip flexes in relation to the amount the bottle is lifted, next point the rod tip at the chair/bottle and rais the rod in a manner that is parallel to the ground allowing the rear section of the rod to take the brunt of the work, you will be surprised how little effort and strain it takes to move the weighted bottle using the rear section of the rod versus the tip, so this translates in to more pressure and power you can utlilze while fighhting a fish. Now this isn't something that is critical when caching small trout or whatever, this is a power thing and shows you what angles you need to take to put the most effective pressure on big fish to get the most out of the rod, Hope i explained that well?

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