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jeffnles1 05-27-2010 10:30 PM

Here we come
Daniel and I will be in Townsend Friday night throuhg Monday late morning! Looking forward to stopping by the shop and saying high to Byron, Paula and the rest of the crew, picking up some supplies and heading up tothe mountains to do a little fishing (if we can find water not being used by swimmers and stone skippers).

Maybe we'll see some of you all up on the stream or trail.

If you all see a 50 year old guy huffing and puffing along the trail trying to keep up with a 15 year old that'll be us. (I'll be driving a red Pontiac G6 2 door hard top convertible). I'll have a fishpond mesh vest and if it's not too warm, simms waders. We shouldn't be too hard to spot.

Not sure where we'll be fishing. We'll have to stop by the shop for some recos. Most likely up middle prong, road camp prong or Elkmont.

The mountains are calling my name. Can't wait to get back.


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