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NDuncan 07-12-2010 01:11 PM

Another Texas Transplant
I've been fly-fishing in the smokies since 2005 on trips to visit my in-laws after my father in law got me hooked on it. We had the good fortune to be able to move here after I finished grad school in Feb 2009. I have been a daily lurker on this forum and the fishing reports ever since. While in Texas, I did some warmwater fishing with fellow grad schooler and forum member JayB, who really got me back into fishing in general.

Last year being my first year as a TN resident, i didn't get to do nearly as much fishing as I would have liked, it seemed that every day I planned to go, it would rain all day and the night the day before and the water would be too high! But up until this year, all of my fishing experience had been on the Little River, primarily Tremont with a couple of trips to the areas in and around Metcalf Bottoms, and a couple of trips to the section through town mixed in with an odd trip or two down to the Hiwassee. Now that I have gotten a lot more comfortable with my rods, I have started fishing smaller and tighter water, which I am still getting used to the tight conditions, but having a great time, - even if I do spend more time untangling my line than I would like. Anyway, I thought I would formally introduce myself, and would like to say that I have already learned a bunch from the rest of the members here in the past 18 months or some that I have been religiously reading absorbing as much information as I possible could!

pineman19 07-12-2010 03:45 PM

Welcome aboard Texas! I am a Halfback myself, although I have been called much worse. Look forward to your contributions to the forum.


Jim Casada 07-12-2010 07:51 PM

NDuncan--Welcome, and one thought right up front. You'll be better served, catch more fish, and learn faster if you get on some of the medium-sized streams or more open ones away from crowds. Glad to have you on board, and you'll find this a largely civil, invariably interesting, and quite active forum.
Jim Casada

old east tn boy 07-12-2010 10:13 PM

new TN Texan
Welcome NDuncan! I spent two years in Houston in the early 80's but managed to escape back to east TN. before the recession hit town. Where in Texas do you hale from?

You will find lots of great information here as well as a few tall tales every now and then. It's a great place to come to if you can't get to water as often as you'd like. I always check here before a day of fishing to get an idea of conditions of the rivers/streams and what is working for those catching fish.

I'm sure you miss all that flatland of Texas but hopefully the TN hills will grow on you over time. I'm biased of course, being a native east Tennessean, but I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

NDuncan 07-13-2010 10:05 AM

Jim- Thanks for the kind words and advice. Focus on smaller streams has been a current goal for me ever since I read your book. I very much enjoyed meeting you and getting my book signed at Troutfest. I think the main problem I had last year was simply not have a resource to know where and how to explore some of the watersheds that aren't traced by road. Your book really for me opened up a lot of possibilities, because the information provided really paints an accurate description of the streams and the waypoints/elevation charts really have helped in that I have a good idea about what kind of water I can expect to fish when I go to an area that I haven't been to before. Add to that the reports and pictures that other members have posted here, and I feel like I can enter a new stream with more confidence and more realistic expectations about what the experience will be like. All that to say, because of these factors, I have been catching more fish, improving my technique, and exploring new areas of the park, that I might otherwise not have done. And I have you and many others here to thank for that.

Tn boy -

I have lived in many parts of Texas, but I grew up in the sweaty armpit known as Houston. I spent almost 9 years in college/grad school in Waco, which is more hilly than the Houston area, but not exactly the hill country. All that to say, after visiting my inlaws, who moved here in 2003, many times we knew that we love it here. My wife and I both love the mountains and really the only things we miss about Texas are the people (friends and family still there) and occasionally the food (you can't find Tex-Mex like it here).

Thanks for the kind welcomes, everyone!

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