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JohnH0802 10-12-2010 02:46 PM

Gotta love high tide at lunch time
High tide today was a little after 1pm which meant that the incoming tide would be just right for fishing over my lunch break. I headed out to a flat nearby, and didn't see a tail. I spooked two fish that were in the grass in about 2.5 feet of water, but that was it. A little disappointing to say the least. I left that spot and headed over to another to take a look. I walked along the flat on a causway looking at both sides, and didn't see any action at all. I got down to the end of the causway and just caught about 2 inches of tail coming out of the water about 70 yards away.

I made my way down the embankment out toward where I had seen the fish and waited. The fish was in about 8 inches of water, there were no clouds, and the sun was shining. The water was glass at this point. About the time that I was beginning to think I missed the fish, I saw him move some grass. I cast out in front of him with one of my spoon flies, and he nailed it. Got him in and measured and he was 21". I turned him loose and started to turn around and head toward my vehicle.

That is when I saw a push coming around the back side of this little island. I paused and sure enough here was another red coming around the shallow end. He was over a blueish sand, and I could see him from a long way off. I knew I was going to have to make a longer cast so that I wouldn't spook him. I crouched down and made about a 60 foot cast in front of him. At this point he was coming right at me. I moved the fly when he was about 6 ft off, and he changed direction a little.....I waited and then did the same thing when he was about 3 foot off...then slam he nailed it. He was 22 inches. I measured him got a quick picture and let him go.

I look up, and there is another fish coming around the other end of the island. I crouched down, cast to him, leading him by a good 5 yards. As I am watching him I see another redfish just to the right of the fish I am working. I moved the fly and it looks like he is going to pass by the fly, and does...I moved the fly one last time and he quickly turned and nailed it, another 22 inch fish.

What a great day. I saw 4 tailing reds, cast to 3 of them and caught every fish that I cast to.


DavidR 10-14-2010 10:08 AM

Good to see you getting out on these mid-day tides and having some good fortune.

Fish were definately more active on Tuesday than yesterday (Wednesday) I can only assume was due to the slightly higher tide. Water seemed to stall out for a while during the flood on Wednesday.

Have been fortunate enough to get 3 both days - have seen a lot of Sheepshead up on the flat also eating snails off the grass and a fair number of puppy drum which I assume have been stocked from Wadell.

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