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ChemEAngler 12-05-2010 06:56 PM

2010 Deer Season Photo Thread
Thought it might be cool to have a place for those of us who deer hunt to have a place to show off this years harvest. This way there is a common thread for photos and friendly banter.

I will post a photo from Nov 27th. Last year was the first year I had been hunting after a 15 year hiatus. After dropping a small buck last year, it had me all juiced up for this year. Thankfully, this year dad and I killed within two hours of each other. I dropped mine at 7:30, and he had his on the ground by 9:30.

One negative about not hunting in 15 years is that all the gear I had in storage was too small. I suffered a major case of sticker shock when I started purchasing my new gear. I just went ahead and bit the bullet, and threw out some money for decent gear. One good thing about Mossy Oak releasing the new Infinity pattern is that most everybody had their Break-Up patterns on clearance. I bought some high quality UnderArmour Mossy Oak Break-Up gear for 60% off at the outlet. Same was true for ammunition.

Oh well, that is all part of it. The initial investment is always the most painful, now I have comfortable gear that should last me many years.

buzzmcmanus 12-08-2010 02:53 PM

Good idea
Travis, Nothing beats getting to hunt with your dad. Mine hunted with me on my trip to Ohio this year, and I will go back up and hunt with him for the late season muzzleloader hunt. I'll be doe hunting only since my buck tag is filled.

I ran up to Ohio for a quick bowhunt November 10-14. Ended up only needing 2 days. On 11/12/10 I killed this 10 point with a 15 yard shot. He ran 70 yards and I saw him go down. Although he's not my largest buck, he is my largest with a bow. Taxidermist says he was at least 4.5, with a good chance he was 5.5 years old.

JoelO 12-09-2010 01:35 PM

wow Buzz. nice mass on those antlers. congrats to all.

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