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LA MantaRay12 02-28-2011 11:02 PM

Winter Redfish in Lower Alabama

Lately several fellas down here in Lower Alabama (Mobile) have been telling me about this salt water fishing business. Thought I would give it a try....used clauser minnows, mainly chartruese and white and some BIG size 6 wooley buggers heavily weighted. Using an 8 wt TFO TiCRX with floating line. There is a fine minimum access saltwater lake behind where I work that is a great redfish/speckled trout site....check out the picks. for the most part the water is clear and ~ 55oF I was fishing a falling tide. Winds were NNW 4 to 6 mph. For the daylight pics i was fishing with a friend who took a fiberglass hull and turned it into a flats boat..the night photo i caught those out of a kayak.

Enjoy...should any of you make your way to the coast please let me know your coming and if at all possible maybe we can catch a couple....

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