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tnfishingreport 09-20-2011 09:59 AM

Hello and help from East TN
Just registered and need some help. Just found out we are going to the Forge this weekend. I may be able to squeeze out about 3-4 hours of fishing. Just wondering where would be a place to go, I would need a little room for my casting skills, what type of flies would one recommend, and are there any special license requirements outside of the normal TN, with trout stamp. Thanks :smile: sorry for my short notice

JoeFred 09-21-2011 02:53 PM

Couple of considerations for open waters (by Park standards): (1) West Prong Little Pigeon past Sugarlands on US 441 at Quiet Walkways or (2) Little River just above Elkmont CG.

Inside the Park you need only a TN (or NC) license. TN Trout stamp not required.

Since your time is limited, LRO may be out of reach, in which case I suggest you drop in at The Smoky Mountain Angler located on Brookside Village Way riight off US 321 just a short distance from the 321/441 split in G'burg. There you can get tips on flies, and any needed merchandise.

Enjoy your time.


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