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JoeFred 02-12-2012 02:04 PM

Naming Streams... Again
Please check out this graphic: GSMNP Major Streams & Surrounding Region.

The image is not intended to provide detail access information.

Hugh Hartsell 02-12-2012 03:35 PM

Check out "Abrams", Anthony, and Forge Creeks. I'm not sure if these are exactly placed right. It's hard to tell with all the other fixtures on the map.

JoeFred 02-12-2012 04:17 PM

Good to hear from you, Hugh. Thanks, I did mis-label Abrams and will repost. I've not labeled _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ Creeks on the relatively small image. The bluelines for them are the same as on the NPS park map, which I imported. I have e-mailed you a PDF at just under 11x17, which will be easier to see. This image will be part of a new index map for existing and planned individual maps. Hope to have the index on my web site this coming week.

Depending the type and version of browser used, one can increase/decrease the size of a web page by holding down Ctrl and hitting + or - keys. Images blur at the high end, but this helps.


Hugh Hartsell 02-12-2012 05:29 PM

Looks good Joe. Good work. Now I'm looking forward to a good trip around the Big Horseshoe. It's been a few years.


MadisonBoats 02-13-2012 09:08 AM

Great work again JF!

One idea that comes to mind is researching and maybe making a map that uses both the current names and the historical names used by settlers and the Cherokee. It could be a special edition map or educational map that even explains why the stream was called what it was and why it was changed if need be...:smile:

Something similar to the descriptions on this webpage:

JoeFred 02-13-2012 10:38 AM

Carolina Kudzu
I like that idea, Shawn, and will e-mail Carolina Kudzu about it. He is active in Friends of the Smokies and a volunteer at the 'Luftee Visitor Center & Cataloochee. He has done extensive research in historical stream names, etc. and has been asked by NPS to assist in a project along that of your idea.


Jim Casada 02-14-2012 06:42 PM

JoeFred--The way it appears on the map it looks like Panther Creek is Tabcat Creek (although they are in the same area). Also, upper Luftee is generally known as Beech Flats Prong.
Jim Casada

kentuckytroutbum 02-14-2012 06:57 PM


That is an awesome map, you did a fantastic job on it. Its very easy to read, and you can really get a feel for the ridges and valleys of the area, more so than I can get from a USGS map. The shading on the sides of the hills and the valleys really makes the map pop out towards you.


Jim Casada 02-14-2012 08:11 PM

JoeFred--Another thought--Parson Branch is a tiny stream compared to many of those which are not named. I wonder if you really meant to have Parson Branch Road?
Jim Casada

JoeFred 02-14-2012 09:56 PM

Thanks, Bill & Jim.

Jim, good catch on where I had wrongly positioned the label for the Oconaluftee, which has been fixed. After thinking about the welfare of the two smaller streams mentioned, I deleted the labels for them. Those remaining labeled streams on the latest version of the map image are the very same ones "named" on the "souvenir" NPS Park map. My map image is intended for general orientation and not intended to provide detail access information on this message board, something that has been frowned upon by some. I get that. :smile: I am trying to contribute to the forum and attract new, disciplined anglers to our Park. I strive to be sensitive to the waters, banks, trails, etc. that could be be abused if improperly promoted. I am also trying to not adversely affect the livelihood of guides, writers, etc., the vast majority of whom seem to share those same objectives.

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