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Corbo 02-13-2012 03:11 PM

Your best ties?
Or those you like to tie the most?

As for me I believe I tie wicked awesome parachute dries & and killer streamers AND I like to tie them.

When I'm in the mood to crank out Lefty's Decievers (used for stripers in New England) mine are better than the original and I like to tie them.

The only reason Clouser's are now so good is due to the pointers I gave him at a show in Marlboro Mass many years ago.... at least that's what some people say... LOL I really don't like to tie them.

I hate to tie Elk hair caddis but they work and I need them but I consider it a chore.... same with beadheads.

Knothead 02-13-2012 03:59 PM

My favorite flies are the EHC (with deer hair), brown hackle peacock, wooly bugger in olive/black, black/black, and all white during the herring kill. I tie what I call a Simple Simon- tail from any dark feather I find in the backyard, tan dubbing, and two or three turns of brown or ginger hackle. I have fished the SS on the Hiwassee, the Tellico and tribs, and the Park. I started out with a parachute Adams but figured the fish couldn't see the wings from underwater. So.....I left it off. I experiment with some stuff for the fun of it and see if it works.

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