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tntom 02-25-2012 12:53 AM

Holston River?
Can anyone tell me what kind of generation schedule you need to wade fish Nancy's Ferry?


Corbo 02-25-2012 07:02 AM

I would imagine that it takes a few hours (3 or more) for high water to clear out at Nance's after generation stops but I'm certain someone will know exactly. I like Nance's but always look to show up about three hours after generation and have a good look at it before walking too deep.

Recent schedules when they stop at 1 Pm wouldn't make it worth my while unless I was to fish just down from the 92 bridge.

Troutmanbrook has fished the immediate area recently and done well.

ChemEAngler 02-25-2012 11:53 AM

Been a while since I last fished the Holston at Nance's, but I think it takes more like 5 hours for the water to come down.

I have actually fished through pulses down there with great success because the river is so wide the water level does not change much. But if they are coming down from multiple generators I am pretty sure it takes a long time. Likewise, I think it takes around 3 hours for the water to rise at Nance's once generation begins.

KnoxBioBenz 02-26-2012 02:02 AM

Second that above. And I would add that itsonly wadable w 0 generators.

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