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surfdog 02-26-2012 11:23 AM

buying new 4wt advice
I am looking to upgrade my 4wt fly rod and would appreciate some advice not from a sales rep. I currently am using entry level package rods from basspro.I cast well with them but am interested in a faster action. Winston offers a vsl in my price range but have not been able to find reviews.Also tfo has a few models. I'm thinking 9' 4pc any recommendations?

WRN 02-26-2012 11:59 AM

4 wt. upgrade
I have some Winston sticks and while I do not have the one your looking at I have fished that #4 9ft. It would in my opinion a good all around rod for many areas and stream types. All Winston sticks are very well built and the warranty is great. You also may want consider a 5 wt. as it may be a little more of an all around rod.

surfdog 02-26-2012 12:29 PM

I have atfo 5wt that I use for dropper rigs and light bass fishing wanted to go a little lighter for dry

ifish4wildtrout 02-26-2012 06:57 PM

I can't speak to any rods except TFO, because that's all I fish.

I have a 7.5 foot 3wt pro series for smaller streams and 8.5 foot 4 wt BVK for larger streams.

I love them both, but as I stated above, I can not compare them to any other rods.

waterwolf 02-27-2012 07:58 AM

The Sage SP and the Sage Z-Axis can't be beat IMO. They have enough back bone to be castable at longer distances, yet are soft enough to be enjoyable and easy of light tippets.

I have cast a bunch of different brands/models over the years and none of them even compare to the Sage's in this category.

If you want a 4 wt that is usable on the tailwaters, even with the wind blowing then the choice is very obvious.

tnflyfisher 02-27-2012 12:48 PM

I'm with ifish as well and mostly fish TFO because it fits my budget and does what I need it to do. Just FYI but some of those BPS rods are not all that bad. Can't remember which ones but a buddy loved fishing his and he has other high end rods as well. It seems you are looking for an "upgrade" and that doesn't necessarily come with a higher price rod. Winston and Sage are both great rods if you want to spend the money on them. Get out and cast as many as you can. Check out LRO if you haven't already. They have a great selection of top end 4wts.

I really like 4wts. and actually have four of them so far. Three are TFO and one is an Orvis Superfine. As far as a faster rod, that isn't my thing but you might want to try out a TFO Ticr or Ticrx as both are actually pretty close to 5wts in reality. I use my 8'9" Finesse in the mountains and like it a lot. However it is a much softer rod closer to the classic Sage LL.

Tight Lines,

mattblick 02-27-2012 01:20 PM

First I would recommend going and casting some of the 4 weight rods at Little River Outfitters, and give them the business if you can.

That said, although I buy waders, boots, flies, etc from LRO; most of my rods in recent years have come from Sierra Trading Post. If you get on their email list and get their DealFlyer coupons, you can save money on top of their closeout prices.

Today, I have a 35% off coupon from my DealFlyer, which makes a:
Powell SSL, 4 Piece, 9', 4# - $71.47
Redington RS4, 4 Piece, 8'6", 4# - $87.72
Ross Essance FW, 3 Piece, 9', 4# - $111.47

surfdog 02-27-2012 08:52 PM

thanks for the advice, the winston I am looking at is from cabelas and they bundle it with one of their mid level reels and a sa gpx line for 400 ,thats my limit. I called LRO but they do not bundle rod, reel, line packages outside of a brands already pre packaged set. I live in florida and can not get to LRO to test cast. I will be making a trip to bass pro this weekend to see what they carry and cast their rods in my price range. They also carry the TFO and bundle with their own reels and s/a lines at a very good discount. I was taught that the rod and line are the most important part of a fly fishing set up and the reel was mostly to hold the line when not in use, especially in lighter weight outfits. So I feel the reels offered with these would be sufficient for the job at hand

Trico 02-28-2012 12:15 AM

Surfdog I have and use several different 4 wgt rods. Before you buy anything I would recommend you cast as many different ones as you can. If you are not concerned with price and can afford a high end rod the choices are numerous. For a small stream or medium stream rod with small dry flies the Winston Tom Morgan favorite is a top choice. But is kind of specialized in my opinion. For a general 4 wgt that will do almost anything the Hardy Zenith 9 ft makes a great rod. It is delicate enough but will cast any reasonable fly. The Winston BIIIx in a 8 1/2 ft if also a great rod especially for dry flies and is more delicate then the Hardy. The Winston Passport is close to the BIIIx and sells for a fraction of the price. If price is a concern this one sells for about $199.00. You mentioned Cabelas and they stock this rod. While I don't own one I have used one and think the Sage ZXL in 4 wgt. is a great rod. Get out to several different fly shops and don't be afraid to cast these rods. Don't rush. After all anticipation and planning is half the fun!

BigMax 02-28-2012 03:12 PM

TFO BVK and Lince Choice

I too am doing the same thing. I am 90% sold on a new TFO BVK 8'6" 4WT for my money I dont see anything similar. It is a fast action 4 piece rod. My question to the board is: does the BVK (fast action) need to be set up with over weighted line? I have heard several people say that you should "overline" the setup i.e. run a 5 wt line. I know this will help load the rod faster but other than less false cast what is the real benifiet? distance? accuracy? There are lines out there designed for the modern fast action rods such as the SA GPX, Rio Grand, and I have even heard Cortland 333ProTrout is good. These lines all seem to be 4.5 wt lines. This rod is intended for my "everyday" rod which mostly consist of dry/dropper in the GSM or double nymph on the clinch. Does anybody have any ideas or thoughts about line choice? The a fore mentioned lines are on the more expensive side, are they really worth it? Many thanks before I pony up and head up to LRO soon I hope:)

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