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Corbo 03-25-2012 02:59 PM

Hugh has pretty fingers!
If you haven't taken a look at Hugh Hartsell's fly tying videos you are missing out; besides an awesome manicure his videos are well made and informative.... I particularly like his sulphur nymph; will be tying some up tonight.,%20Emergers%20and%20Midges.htm

As Hugh swears by his "Tan Wulff" I venture they belong in my fly box as well; been a while since I tied any hairwing wulffs BUT I'm gonna hedge my bet against the zillion parachutes in my boxes.

OH, and Hugh I really liked your video on fruit trees, thanks for sharing!

Hugh Hartsell 03-25-2012 03:38 PM

Thanks for following along on the website. I hope some of the information helps as you learn all the streams in East Tennessee.
About that manicure?? You have no idea how much one of those things cost!
I spent some time on the Holston River this morning,but I have not downloaded the pics yet. I'm having a tough time keeping new reports on the website because high water in the Park has caused 4 trips to be rescheduled. The video about the fruit trees was actually meant for a Ginseng Board that I am a member of and some of us from different parts of the country were showing how Spring is progressing here. Between the ginseng on my website and the thread about Morels on the LRO board you will become a reinvented Northener,if you keep being exposed to all this mountain lore.
Keep reading the reports and I hope to have some good trips to Abrams Creek soon.

MadisonBoats 03-25-2012 05:43 PM

Hugh's patterns have given me the basis of several patterns I use on the Clinch. I enjoy looking through his patterns and I especially enjoy reading his posts. I hope to hit him up for a fishing trip in the future.:smile:

He is a true ambassador in our sport!

Corbo 03-26-2012 01:01 AM

BTW... I like Hugh's fish catching videos too!

Keep wondering when Shawn is gonna strap on a scuba tank for his videos.... hmmmm?

Would love to see what a striper look like eating a rainbow.

MadisonBoats 03-26-2012 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by Corbo (Post 99622)
BTW... I like Hugh's fish catching videos too!

Keep wondering when Shawn is gonna strap on a scuba tank for his videos.... hmmmm?

Would love to see what a striper look like eating a rainbow.

I am certified to dive open-water. However; I think I could snorkel most of the Clinch. I do have a new underwater boom with a LED Light for getting better shots of deep holes and stripers.

Also; I do have some underwater videos of striper on the Clinch. However; the quality is not that good. I may try and enhance it a bit to see if it comes out better. I videoed them from my boat by holding the camera out in the water with my hand and chasing them about with my boat. Believe it or not; they did not run like I expected.

Corbo 03-26-2012 07:46 PM

So Shawn

Why do you not throw a fly at the Stripers? Are you afraid you might like it, do you need the right flies, or perhaps no interest?

MadisonBoats 03-27-2012 08:13 AM

I have tried to entice them with a few of my larger streamers on several occasions. The water was down and the seemed to just be holding in a small schools in the deep holes. They were very lethargic and not interested in any of my approaches. The odd thing was that several trout were holding with them and chased out of the school after my flies. I would love to catch one when I am targeting one with the right setup. I have seen some 40-50# fish-IMO on the Clinch. I usually do not start noticing them until mid-late summer.

My brother often fishes tackle and runs the lower part of the tailwater on one-generator. He had several trout get attacked on retreival after being caught. I am going to try and catch some of this footage this year.

I know a few striper guys that target them on the Clinch and it seems they hit most effectively on live bait. I would expect that you would have good chances throwing some large streamers during a flow or when they are prowling for some food.

I will keep you updated if I ever get one. I would like to add one to my fly rod-catch list.

Andy Brasko 04-19-2012 09:53 PM

Hugh & Corbo
Hi Corbo & Hugh:

Andy Brasko here, I had a computor virus that when it was finally was removed destroyed all my E-mails, Contact list, and had to have the computor system re-imaged and completely restored to factory level. The virus was so bad I had to also scrub my external hard drive as well due to a re-infection. So I lost eeything. I have lossed Sarah weeks contact and just found the website tonight. I am still planning on tying on Sunday as scheduled at Troutfest, but am now having to contact about six to seven cabin rentals to see which one that I have reservations with. I just wanted to make sure that all knows that I am a live and well and will resume posting, I am in catch up mode at this point and time. I had to create and try and replace a lot of NJ TU State Council documnets as well. I feel I have been in fast forward mode for about three weeks so far.

Andy Brasko

Hugh Hartsell 04-20-2012 06:05 AM

Hey Andy,
Sorry about that pesky virus. They are an unwelcomed visitor. You've sure been missing out on some great hatches down here. That David Knapp fellow said that he would fill in for you on the stream until you got down to the Smokies. By the way, watch that Corbo fellow when you come down. He looks at other mens fingers???

Corbo 04-20-2012 08:25 AM

HUGH: I have really ugly working man's fingers; the rest of me is not that good looking either! That said; my hands and narly fingers have appeared a great many times in Fly Rod & Reel as well as other magazines.... HOLDING BIG FISH.

ANDY: Nice to see you back! The same thing happened to us a while back and we had to be professional totally scrubbed and start over.

I have no idea when troutfest is scheduled but will try to attend.

Are you coming alone or bring along family?


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