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pacofly13 03-27-2012 11:19 PM

Cased caddis video
Shot this video over the past weekend(3/24) at the 'jailhouse' section and thought I'd share. I was sitting on the bank looking down in the water and noticed all the different mayfly nymphs that were active, then noticed these two cased caddis.. shot w/ my Pentax waterproof camera, so enjoy! plus, had a great weekend and did really well especially at Millers:smile:

No Hackle 03-28-2012 07:23 AM

I did well @ millers also,along with everyone else.I did notice some caddis @ millers also. They were maybe a sixteen or so. Not many but some. I see them more in some years than others. Cool vid.

pacofly13 03-28-2012 08:43 AM

Yeah, definitely seemed to do better at millers than the jailhouse... water down there seemed to be a bit stained all weekend also. Lost some good fish at millers, and man when the sun was higher on the water saw some HUGE rainbows.. very cool.

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