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ukfb1 04-19-2012 08:23 PM

Cabin Rentals on a stream near Gatlinburg?
Had my fun with the boy's last weekend around the Tellico, Citgo and Smokies. The better half says I got to take her somewhere before I get the free pass to SW VA at the end of May. Anyone got any info for cabin rental on a trout stream close to Gatlinburg. Thinking about getting R & R to guide a day, since I will lose the car for the shopping I'm sure.

Bran 04-20-2012 08:23 AM

You can look up anyof those cabin rental sites (Google it) for G-burg and then they have a selection where you choose location like streamside, mountain view, etc. There's a bunch of them around, several dozen up toward MPLP Greenbrier area I know for sure. You might just Google Greenbrier Cabin rentals. Good luck!

HuskerFlyFisher 04-24-2012 02:38 PM

Cabins On Rivers!
I live in Texas, but I own two cabins in the Smokies, both of which are on trout streams.

Cabin On Roaring Fork is over 200 years old, and sits right on the Roaring Fork. I restored the cabin several years can see it here at You can catch fish right off the porch. This is the oldest cabin in the Appalachian Mountains that is still inhabited, that I am aware of!

My other cabin, Cabin On River's Edge, is in Cosby, and is right on Cosby Creek. This is an extremely private, family cabin, sitting on 3 acres. It has over 300 feet of Cosby Creek frontage and is 5 minutes from the national park entrance. You can see it here at

You can rent either one. In fact, I'm at Roaring Fork was a bit slow today but we caught 3 - 2 brookies (one quite a large one!) and a bow.

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