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JohnH0802 06-18-2012 03:37 PM

A decent red on a marginal prediction
I had noted for the last 2 weeks that the tides had been higher than predicted. Some have been over 1ft higher. For this reason I decided to fish on Saturday morning the 16th of June. The predicted tide was a 6.1 at 6:29 am (savannah river entrance). I typically fish this flat from about a 7.4-7.7 prediction at the savannah river entrance. So the prediction was over a 1 ft lower than I normally need to have water. The tide ended up being about a 7.4-7.5. I ended up catching one 19 inch redfish:

I wish I could have been fishing these higher than predicted tides for the last two weeks, but only a couple of times have I been able to get out.

John Mathews 06-19-2012 10:35 AM


Beats a skunk any day....

Tides have been much higher here too. To fish grass flats here in the Cape Lookout area you need a boat to access them as they are much more remote and far flung with a lot of pressure. While I have a skiff, I seldom use it. I much prefer to walk, wade and fish. I'm looking forward to fishing the Beaufort area as flat's like these seem to be more prevalent and accessible by car/foot or canoe/kayak. I will be moving to Beaufort in the very near future. I'm planning on joining the Sea Island group and look forward to meeting you as we seem to share a similar passion for wade fishing.

Good luck and stay safe


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