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ifish4wildtrout 06-27-2012 08:00 PM

Brook Trout Fishin'
This report is several days old, but NDuncan was right, the forum has been a little slow, so I thought I would share this report from this past Saturday. We were not in the par, but fishing National Forest waters a little north of the border.

Oldman and I set out to the high country this morning in search of some brook trout. We discussed fishing the Baby Brook Trout Hatchery (that's what Oldman calls it) but we decided to fish her sister stream first.

We arrived to find very low water, I mean very low water.

Oldman in action.

Stealth would be the key today if we expected to catch anything in the ultra low water.

Fortunately, our stealth tactics paid off.

ifish4wildtrout 06-27-2012 08:04 PM

Fishing this stream was getting a bit discouraging with the super low water and super spooky fish. We bailed out of the stream and hiked a few miles over to fish the Baby Brook Trout Hatchery. The water was low there as well, but it was good to get back there, it's been a while since either of have fished this stream.

Thank God we left the hang gliders at home, I would hated to have hauled them upstream all day only to find out we could not fly them. biggrin:

Tell tale reminder of the old logging days.

I really, really hope this once belonged to a deer.

Even is super low water, the Baby Brook Trout Hatchery produced fairly well.

After arriving back at Oldman's house, he let me raid his garden before I headed home. Thanks again, brother. 8l8

It was a fun day and I am sore from all the boulder hopping and hiking. I do want to return when water levels are a tad better.

NDuncan 06-28-2012 10:18 AM

Nice haul of fish and veggies!

Looks like a great day even with the water that low.

MBB 07-09-2012 05:51 PM

Nice looking brook trout. Glad you got into them. What were they taking?

We really need rain. Hopefully, we will get a few inches out of the approaching front.

I need to do more brook trout fishing. I have only fished for brook trout 1 1/2 days this year and in most years I would have fished for them at least 4-7 by this time of the summer.

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