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smccarter 07-07-2012 02:15 PM

3wt Line
For the money what is the best WF 3wt line?

Grumpy 07-10-2012 07:35 AM

With today's rods, it all depends on the action of the rod as to which line maybe the best.
I'm still a firm believer in the Cortland Peach as the most bang for the $.


No Hackle 07-10-2012 01:52 PM

The lefty kreh line awesome for 40 bucks. I have a 5wgt and I love the way it lets me nymph. good with a dry too.

501 07-15-2012 09:21 PM

Use the SA and Cortland, both good in WF or DT. Lee

SmokyMt4runner 08-10-2012 05:14 PM

LOVE Monic.....

Just sayin....

Gary 09-05-2012 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by smccarter (Post 101969)
For the money what is the best WF 3wt line?

try Triangle Taper in 3 wt. The best fly line on the market period!

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