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BlueRaiderFan 09-03-2012 08:36 PM

Labor Day Weekend in the Park
I took a couple of days and camped at Elkmont Friday and Saturday night. We had a heck of a storm on Saturday night. I managed to fish a few hours below Elkmont at one of my favorite stretches of the river. The water was very, very low. I knew it would be low but I didn't expect it to be as low as it was, even with the summer we had. The fish are still biting but I didn't see any nice fish. They were all in the 6-10" range. I know that is typical but I usually get a couple of 12" fish in that stretch and see at least one bigger than 12" but I didn't on this trip. It was nice to get out in the park and you can still catch fish but the population seemed low and I think many of the larger fish may have died. At least that's my theory.

David Knapp 09-03-2012 08:59 PM

Glad you were able to get out and enjoy a trip to the mountains. I would be surprised if fish died that far upstream unless it was the very largest rainbows. The browns are fine though, just really good at hiding...

BlueRaiderFan 09-03-2012 09:36 PM

I hope they were just hiding. It could be that they saw me more easily and didn't rise. I usually get refusals on anything over 12" anyway but I was hoping to at least get a rise from one or two of the larger fish.

Bran 09-04-2012 10:01 AM

One of my friends was in that area July 4th and they did some underwater videos. They're there, or at least were then.
On a related note, I have never seen my home waters this low, it is really pitiful around home. The thunder of it is that in a 50 mile radius they've had plenty of rain in places, but it literally just splits and goes around us every time! Frustrating, my old boss used to tell me we needed to pay the preacher better.

BlueRaiderFan 09-04-2012 01:41 PM

Probably still there. With the water so low I bet they saw me comin'. Not a lot of deep areas to cast to. Hopefully I get to go back this fall.

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