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Corbo 02-13-2013 06:10 PM

Blue bugs
Seems the last couple years I've noticed more fly patterns, usually nymphs, with blue components. Blue dyed feathers like mallard flank, blue body materials in vinyl d-rib, blue dubbing, blue wire, wingcases etc.

Well I've never seen any BLUE BUGS but the tyers promoting them claim they are wicked awesome trout catchers.

I may need to visit LRO for materials as I want to try out some of these patterns,,, hopefully they have blue components

Also wanting to try GLASS BEADS; particularly on midges and perhaps sulphurs... never used them and wonder if they work better... some folks claim they sparkle better than tung, silver, copper etc.

Anyone here tried blue on their bugs?

kentuckytroutbum 02-13-2013 06:49 PM


Haven't tried blue feathers, etc. etc. But I have tried glass beads in various colors for nymphs such as PTs, Copper Johns, midges, caddis, and stones, and it does seem to have a positive effect with trout & SMB. Hobby Lobby has many colors of beads in different sizes for a cheap price. Might want to give it a try.


narcodog 02-13-2013 07:51 PM

Remember fish don't see colors the way we humans do. They see UV and RUV in a spectrum we don't see.

There is a very good book written by Reed Curry that explains this very well.

Corbo 02-13-2013 08:23 PM


Thanks for Hobby Lobby tip; I have never been inside that store.... could be I find a few other items to fool around with.... could et out of hand.

Narco; I will need to google "RUV"

Most nymphs catch fish even when poorly tied or chewed up... Last season I pretty well "perfected" a "streamer" after years of foolisng around... almost a magic bullet. Now I seek to find a couple bead heads that result "induce" strikes even when the fish are off feed.

Same with micro BH midges... back & red seem to be the two most reliable colors but I've seen them shunned and only take tan or olive wondering if the addition of a white "tuft' projecting off the bead above the bead might result in more "takes".

Then there are those pesky SOHO black flies in the film; might take me forever to discover a recipe they cannot refuse.

Tailwater Dixie Trout are awesome! Nothin like wading in 55 degree water when it 80 degrees outdoors!

narcodog 02-13-2013 09:32 PM

RUV reflective uv

Corbo 02-14-2013 12:27 AM

Need to find local source for "OPAL TINSEL"; Dennis Potter uses it for dry fly bodies in lieu of dubbing and I want some.

Kytroutbum 02-14-2013 09:58 AM

Hobby Lobby and Michaels have coupons for 40% one item in newspapers or if you register online. My wife is into scrapbooking and I've picked up a lot of materials, including storage containers at 40% off. They are a great source for - some types -of tying materials. I use clear beads in the thorax right behind the hackle to make my soft hackles into an emergers. Worked wonders in the West last summer.

Randall Sale
the Kytroutbum

MadisonBoats 02-16-2013 08:14 AM

I had this same idea about two-years ago when I was targeting striped bass schools in the Melton Hill area of the Clinch.

I tied blue marabou patterns that mimicked crappie jigs. I used variations to try and create the lines of minnows. Also; I tied some wet-flies with blue feathers with the same idea. I caught a few of the striped bass. However; other patterns seem to have worked better. I have tried these patterns on the Clinch Tailwater for trout and they seemed less productive than other colors.:redface:

Anyhow; let me know when you come up with a good pattern to try.

Corbo 02-16-2013 09:00 AM


It has been several years since I have tied any fly for Stripped bass; I have caught tens of thousands over thirty years in new England coastal waters.

I have some totally awesome patterns that really catch these fish like gangbusters.

I should have shared these wicked awesome innovative and total radical whacked patterns with the world long ago; perhaps I will send them all to Dave Klausmeyer... ?

It would be a great shame that I die without sharing these with everyone. . lol
Truth is I would not "let" Guernsey put them in FRR mag when he was editor and I taught him virtually everything about catching stripped bass. .

Anyway; I shall tie you up a selection of my unique striper flies for your birthday... this summer we shall catch them in the Clinch and next time I see you I'll leave you with an 8 or 9 weight for casting practice.

With I had a spool of OVAL TINSEL in the worst way today.

o2bfishin 02-17-2013 10:06 AM


Why don't you post some of your patterns? We still have a fair amount of winter tying time left. Besides, there's a lot of water around here other than the Clinch that holds stripers. They just seem to be easier to spot and more concentrated.


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