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JoeFred 07-11-2013 01:29 PM

Erwin National Fish Hatchery Photos June 2013
All the photos were taken in the public access part of the facility on a Saturday afternoon. I was very impressed. Might be a good family road trip.
Info at

MadisonBoats 07-12-2013 06:08 AM

Wow! That facility is impeccable. I am utterly amazed at how well it is presented and maintained. Maybe they have significantly more funds available than state sponsored hatcheries(?) Thanks for sharing Fred.

kentuckytroutbum 07-12-2013 09:32 AM

The FWS hatchery at Wolf Creek Dam is impressive also. Its worth a side trip. You can fish for trout in Hatchery Creek too. There are interactive exhibits in the FWS building, and people are there to answer questions.

There are some brood trout in the outdoor pen area that are absolute monsters.


JoeFred 07-12-2013 11:23 PM

Those in the second from the bottom photo looked to be in the 1618 inch range. The others were mere :smile: 1012 inchers.

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