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Dawgvet 10-31-2013 09:55 PM

Favorite Fall fishing technique?
As Fall is set in, I was wondering what everyone's favorite Fall fishing technique was? Do you swap to mainly nymphing (with or w/o indicator), dry-dropper, or stick with dries? Do you downsize your flies or throw something large? Keep with mayflies, Caddis patterns, or swap to terrestrials?
Since the water is low, do you crouch or fish kneeled down? Longer/finer leaders?
What types of water do you focus on? Ignore the small, shallow runs and focus on the fewer remaining deeper runs and pools?

I have had limited success fishing for wild fish in the Fall and was looking to improve.

duckypaddler 11-01-2013 10:34 AM

My favorite technique is when there are lots of leaves in the water and you have a hard time seeing your dry fly, just find a bright red leaf and hook it to your dry fly and just use it as an indicator over your dropper:rolleyes:

As for getting folks to talk about how they hook up with the big boys, good luck with that :eek: and please pass along any info you get as I'm clueless in this area also:biggrin:

bigsur 11-01-2013 10:37 AM

Ok, I'll jump in on this, as far as what you asked above concerning Smoky fishing, my answer to those questions, is yes to all with the caveat of "It depends on the day, the water , the temp. Personally as far as flys go I just had this discussion with someone and I have come to the conclusion with my lack of skills I can take just four or five type of flys and get whatever fish is stupid enough to fall for my mess. I think a few each of these in diffrent sizes and I am good to go: elk hair caddis, neversink, green weenie (maybe a pink or two thrown in), pheasant tail, and a couple of dark soft hackles (spiders) and I am off to the races. I live by the axiom of three rules: presentation, presentation, presentation", "if it don't look like a bug, ain't no fish gonna buy it!". Have fun and get out there and enjoy, the learning curve is hard in fall and winter but the workplace is beautiful! :biggrin:

David Knapp 11-01-2013 11:55 AM

I do all of the above except for the longer leader. I do tend to downsize tippet in the fall when the water gets low and clear but also fish all the water, not just certain sections. As to fly selection, I tend to fish whatever I feel like throwing that day which can range from dries to nymphs to streamers. Most of the time, if I find rising trout I will throw dries (usually BWOs in the fall). If I'm tossing a searching pattern dry, it will usually be an orange EHC since the Smokies are in Vol country. :biggrin: For nymphs, it can range from a large Tellico to a small BWO or perhaps a BHPT or Copper John. For streamers, don't overlook small ones (#10-#12). Fish them with lots of action in all types of water. Kelly Galloup streamer methods are also very good but it can be tough throwing sinking lines on the small to medium streams of the Smokies. I tend towards floating line and putting weight in my streamers to get them down... If you want to master fishing in low clear water, find the fish first. Work a fish until it either spooks or you catch it. Watching a fishes response to your offerings will be one of the best teachers you can have in the Park. Some of the most selective fish I've cast over have been 8 inch rainbows. Sight fishing of any type will hone your doesn't have to just be to large fish.

Mac 11-01-2013 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by duckypaddler (Post 108840)
As for getting folks to talk about how they hook up with the big boys, good luck with that :eek: and please pass along any info you get as I'm clueless in this area also:biggrin:


I was told, don't remember exactly who - that you were going to become the new David Knapp (since David is gone from the area) of Large Park fish Guru and post pictures of big browns for everyone to see.

I think we are in desperate need of a new Large Park fish - Sensei

and I need a good low budget teacher

Come-on Ducky you can do it :cool:

Rog 1 11-01-2013 12:28 PM

While I don't get to do much fishing up there after my usual trip in late September, in the past a lot has had to do with the weather. I will drown a few nymps early while waiting for the sun to warm things up. One of the best days I ever had with late fall fishing was a cool sunny afternoon up on WPLP...I was fishing a Hornberg as a dry fly...closest thing to a hopper that I had at the time...right now there are still a few of those hoppers out and about and the fish have not forgotten what they are...try a PMX in yellow or orange and fish all the big water you can find.

Dawgvet 11-01-2013 03:13 PM

Thanks for the replies. I wasn't really intending to focus on fishing for big browns, though that is always welcome, I was more focusing on general fishing tactics (ie-nymphs, dry-dropper, dry only, or how long a leader, etc.). Also, what type of water or lies do you look for the most? Ignore the long, clear, shallow tails of pools and focus on riffles and deeper runs or fish even the smallest lies?
Keep it coming,

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