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ukfb1 04-16-2014 08:30 PM

Green River Utah
Anybody have any advise about guides or camping close to waters around Green River? Thinking about a September trip out that way.

David Knapp 04-16-2014 10:22 PM

Can't suggest guides but can recommend staying in either the Cedar Springs campground or the Firefighters Memorial Campground on the south side of Flaming Gorge Reservoir just south of the dam on highway 191. Cedar Springs has NICE hot showers and you are allowed to use them if you are staying in the Firefighters CG as well. Plenty of guide options based out of Dutch John, but hopefully someone with more experience on that side will chime in.

hw3 04-19-2014 07:21 PM

Green River Headwaters
Three of us spent a week at the headwaters of the Green in WY. Is a state park right where the river starts; a natural and a small man-made lake form the headwaters. Is about forty
(40) or so dirt road miles from Pinedale, and we camped just outside the park as it was a bit crowded for our cigar smoking and whiskey drinking, but near enough for potable water and the head. Fishing was great; hit the Green for a float or two (2), Greys, and hiked into the Gros Vendt twice. Green was within walking distance of the camp, but a bit boggy and easy to drive down for good hard stand access. Sheep Creek off the Greys was fantastic; big browns run up for the trout. Saw moose, bears, cranes, and assorted deer and antelope; watch the antelope as they will run beside your car and suddenly veer across the road just in front of the auto. Did hit Pinedale for supper a few nights; camping and cooking a bit much every night on our sixty (60) plus bodies. One of our better western fishing trips.


hw3 04-19-2014 07:30 PM

Flaming Gorge
Also have floated the A, B, and C of the Green three (3) times. Floats involved two (2) nights on the river; Western Rivers Guides out of Salt Lake City are fantastic guides. They do a float where the second day you take out and return above the first campsite and float into it again. Do not have to move camps and made for better trip as the swampers do not have to set up twice. Last summer hit the last week of the seventeen (17) year cicada hatch and were duly rewarded. Took the trip fish, 26" rainbow. There is camping accessible from the road in the B section, I think, and wading is possible around there. I am sure there is camping around Dutch John, as I think I remember that from one of the trips. Green River is one of the best rivers in the west.


hw3 04-19-2014 07:33 PM

By the way, UKFB1 has to refer to the Cats. Big hopes for this fall. But will not be the first time my heart has been broken in over forty years of season tix.


flyman01 04-20-2014 06:48 AM


We have floated the Green 4 times, each time we used Jack Dennis outfitters located in Jackson Wy. Here is the link to their website

Good luck to you, a great river to fish!

ukfb1 04-20-2014 09:41 AM

Thanks for the info guys, looking forward to the trip.

hw3, yes that would be in relation to our beloved downtrodden cats, hoping for better results this year. I think we are finally on the right track. Would like to go to the spring game Saturday but the pull of trout water in SW VA just a little to much.

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