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Vern 01-11-2006 10:45 AM

Middle tenn tailwaters this weekend
May fish one of the middle tennesee tailwaters this weekend. Any suggestions? I like the Caney Fork, but heard that they are providing very few windows to fish.

appalachian angler 01-11-2006 08:30 PM

Re: Middle tenn tailwaters this weekend
TVA link:

Fished the Caney last weekend and the trout were very fussy! Winds were high and the regular midge patterns weren't getting it done. Myself, and several others had some luck dredging with simple olive sowbug patterns. Schedule last week end saturday and sunday were like 9am - midnite (CT) 0 gen,with pulses from 6-9 am from 1 gen. Not a bad window for a winter day really. Fish far and fine with 6 or 7x tippet. The locals swear on using flourocarbon tippet! Good luck!


Rockyraccoon 01-11-2006 10:47 PM

Re: Middle tenn tailwaters this weekend
I've heard from a couple of recent clients that the Elk is fishing very well......but I've not personally fished it and "very well" can differ from angler to angler. They were great fishermen so I'd imagine there's lot's of hungry fish.

Vern 01-12-2006 01:04 AM

Re: Middle tenn tailwaters this weekend
Thanks for the information, Sound like it may be worth the drive from Nashville. Sunday is my brithday, I can't think of an better way to spend it than some time on the river. I will check before i make he drive.

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