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David Knapp 04-02-2006 11:09 PM

Elk River April 2, 2006
I was able to get a few hours on the Elk today. This was my first trip there, so much thanks to those who helped me with access info. It was afternoon before I got there so I decided to just check out the access right below the dam. When I arrived, I tied on a Zebra midge about 12 inches below a small indicator and caught 4 small browns relatively quickly. After that, things slowed down for awhile. I wandered downstream to the first bend area and saw some rising fish but couldn't entice them. Finally, I started back upstream and after trying a few dry patterns, returned to the zebra. I then caught a few more fish, most of which were still small browns but one was a decent rainbow with very nice coloring. There were a few bugs coming off. I saw a lot of midges, some craneflies, and some mayflies that looked like March Browns. The fish were rising fairly well to something, but the only thing I could tie on that they would hit on top was a yellow strike indicator :(. All in all it was a nice afternoon on the water with about 10 fish to hand, but based on what I saw of the river I probably won't return again unless I happen to be in the vicinity anyway. There are definately much better tailwaters to fish in Tennessee.

David Knapp

cdu1961 04-04-2006 09:44 AM

Re: Elk River April 2, 2006
i fished it sat.,it was very slow.caught one just below the dam.a little brown(my first) took a small adams first thing.done alot better at the next bridge access right before dark even though we almost never found it.proubly wont go back either. :-/

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