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tennswede 04-15-2006 05:01 PM

Road Prong Report
Well, here it goes: I got to the trailhead at exactly 7 a.m. I was the second car in the parking lot and I stroke up a conversation with the couple there already rigging their rods. It was a husband and wife team from K-town. I asked them if they were going to fish the mouth of the stream and they said yes so I told them I walk upstream in order to give them some room. I began with a yellow stimulator in megasize 10 in order to see the fly in the foam. The water levels were great and the temp was a cool 49. No hatches this early of course but after about an hour or so I had caught seven fish two of the fish were bow's. All were under 8" and then the avalanche of people started. I ran into a local gentleman who had passed me trailside and he had three fish and his buddy a couple of brookies. They were going to fry them tonight and I said I don't blame you, have at it, it will only better the fishing. Note. I know this is a touchy subject but that is my personal opinion and feel free to agree or disagree.

After I spoke to him and took his picture I went further upstream and came up on some good cascades. Fishing picked up a little but was still on the slow side.
I ran into a Mr. Zach Matthews who had fished downstream from the Clingman's Dome Rd and we teamed up and fished back up and he was kind enough to give me a ride back to the Chimneys' Trailhead. I managed to get a total of 14 fish today, two of them were bow's. A couple of the fish were 7 inches but most way below that. It is still early in the season and the water really needs another 10 degrees to start cooking up there. I guess that is to expect when you are at 4000+ elev. In summary, a real nice trip, a little slow fishing today but a wonderful area to explor. I do believe fishing on the main stream of West Prong down as far as Cambell Overlook would be a better destination right now due to the cold water up high.

pineman19 04-16-2006 02:54 PM

Re: Road Prong Report
Hey Hans,

Glad you were able to try the Road Prong out on the 15th, better than messin with the IRS on deadline day ;D I am getting anxious to head that way and try out the 9' 3 wt that I finished building a little over a week ago. Working on a 7' 6" 4 weight that I may end up givinf to my brother when I get back to Ohio. I have decided to camp at Greebriar Island Campground. I wanted to try a different spot, and it will give me good access to not onlt the Greenbriar, but the W. Prong and the Little River as well. Hope your having a good Easter. Hopefully, the stream temeperatures will be up a few degrees in the headwater streams so we can catch some brookies and wild bows. TTYL


tennswede 04-16-2006 03:06 PM

Re: Road Prong Report
Pineman, Can't wait for your arrival. I got a stretch of water I would like to fish with you. I guess I need to get back to the gym, since I almost died yesterday climbing up towards Clingman's Dome. Anyway, We should be able to find some good fishing where I am thinking of. I am getting so excited that I can't sleep at night and God knows I need to, working two jobs and one of em' at 4 a.m. Oh well, see you later.

bamafly 04-16-2006 08:42 PM

Re: Road Prong Report
hey Hans,

great report. I have been waiting to see if you had been out on "the" weekend.

glad to see you had success.


russ 04-17-2006 09:39 AM

Re: Road Prong Report
Good report Hans. For some reason this morning when i was in teh shower, your name tennswede made sense to me. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me and then out of nowhere it somes to me this morning. ::)

tennswede 04-17-2006 11:02 AM

Re: Road Prong Report

We need to fish this spring. Let me know when you are coming this way on a weekend trip?

tennswede 04-17-2006 11:03 AM

Re: Road Prong Report

Yeah, I needed a new name on here. Couldn't come up with anything clever so tennswede will do.

Are you able to go this spring some time, or has the baby arrived yet?

russ 04-17-2006 11:39 AM

Re: Road Prong Report
The baby came on April 1st ;D. I WILL BE FISHING SOME THIS YEAR, maybe not every weekend like i would want to, but i already need a fishing trip ;). I'll try to let you know when i can go.

ZachMatthews 04-17-2006 10:16 PM

Re: Road Prong Report
Hey Hans -

It was my pleasure fishing with you man. I really appreciate the lesson in dry fly fishing those little watersheds; it will come in very handy. I went home and whipped up a bunch of neon bright Club Sandwiches in size #12 - we'll see if they work as well as I think they will.


tennswede 04-18-2006 11:42 AM

Re: Road Prong Report
Like we discussed, a yellow bodied fly and bushy with plenty of hackle is the best, both for visibility and floatability. If you don't like stimulators try a wullf style adams with a yellow body and white calf wing. I can't preach this enough. It isn't the fly it's the presentation and number one If you can't see the fly you won't get the fish.

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