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Vern 04-17-2006 01:45 PM

Easy Acess to river
I am finaly getting about with a walking cast on my busted foot, but I am still moving at a slow pace. can anyone suggest a place for easy acess to one of the streams? Last year I took my family on the sugarlnds paved trail. Is this part of the stream wotrh fishing? I will be up there the last weekend of April for the week end. I am taking a group from work up to hike and bike. Is there a good place on the Abrams near the pinic area I can fish while they bike the Cove loop? I am just dying to try out a new TFO 3wt Finness rod I bought Just for the Park. I just hope I can fish it with out falling and getting back on crutches afterwards ;D

tennswede 04-17-2006 02:57 PM

Re: Easy Acess to river
The lower end of WPLPR is flat water and gets warm pretty quick. With daytime highs already getting up there I think it might be marginal at best. As for Abrams. well Abrams proper would be out of question with any kind of physical limitations except for perhaps the spring creek section which is in prime right now. As for the upper end near the campground which is really Anthony Creek. That's going to be your regular rock hopping stream. I guess my vote would be the Abrams Spring Creek section right at the parking area at Abrams Creek Trailhead. Another creek you could try would be Laurel Creek going to the falls on Littler River rd just five miles past Sugarlands Visitor Ctr. Hope this helps.

FRW 04-17-2006 03:53 PM

Re: Easy Acess to river
There is a little pull off just down from Tremont where I fish that is real easy to get to. It is just past a bridge and has pull offs on both sides of the road. The pull off on the left as you are going towards Tremont is the easiest. It is an easy, short walk to the water and there is room enough to do some casting without getting into the water if you are careful with your backcasts. I caught a nice little 9 inch 'bow' there last year. I wish I could give better directions. I go there every year and really like it for an easy day on the water.

Vern 04-17-2006 03:54 PM

Re: Easy Acess to river
Park at the laural falls trail head and go in on the paved path? Iusualy avoid that area due to crowds, so its been a while since i have been on that trail. I seem to remember the creek being down a steep hill, or can you walk in from the parking area?

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