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brzbck 04-24-2006 03:23 PM

West Prong 4-23-06
Took the family on an afternoon hike/fishing trip to the West Prong of the Little River. *The trail has been maintained recently and was easy walking for the whole family including the grandparents. The wild Iris, Trillium and others were in bloom along the trail.

Backcountry campsite #18 was very clean and I look forward to taking an "overnight" there very soon. *Has anyone had any problems with bears there? *I notice the bear hooks-n-cable *for your backpack, and I did see plenty of bear "sign/scat" on the trail. :o

As for the fishing, the water was clear and a little high, but good fishing. *I caught a number for rainbows on BH Tellico and Adams, nothing very big, but plenty of action. Best thing about the trip was I did not see another person on the water, had the whole place to ourselves. ;D

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