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Paisano 05-08-2006 05:42 PM

Coming to GSMNP May 20-26
Hey all,

Im heading down end of May for some fishing in the park. Never been down before so I need some help in where to fish. I love brook trout fishing so if anyone has any suggestions hit me up. What flies are the hot ones now and when Im coming down too would be some great help.

I gotta ask about these snakes I keep hearing about. Ive been in the woods for over fifteen years and have only seen one snake while fishing. Are they that bad down there?

Thanks in advance for any input to my questions.

Fish On!!!


scflyfisher 05-08-2006 06:38 PM

Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26

I'm not one to direct you to brookie fishing as I have never done it in the park. The east prong of the little river is tough to beat in my opinion. However, the staff at LRO will be able to put you on some more remote water if thats what you want. My experience in the park is that its hard for me to go wrong if I tie on a #14 Parachute adams and drop a BH Prince or Pheasant tail off it, or simply fish a BH Prince or Pheasant tail on the bottom. There is always other things that work, but it seems I can always catch a few with the "keep it simple" method. I'm just partial to the east prong b/c I love catching the browns in it. However, you can't go wrong in the park, it's just an awesome place to fish. Enjoy your trip.


Backcountry FF 05-09-2006 10:35 AM

Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26

If you want plenty of feisty brookies, try Cosby Creek. It is tucked in one of the quieter areas of the park and you don't have to hike for miles to catch some decent sized brook trout (6 or 7 inches being decent sized).

Another stream not far from there is the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon aka Greebriar. One of the larger brook trout I have ever caught in the park came from a plunge pool just downstream of the Ramsay Cascade trailhead.

Walker Camp Prong is another good stream for brookies with easy access, but it is shadowed by US441 so you may have to deal with a lot of onlookers.

As far as flies, my personal favs are either a size 16 THunderhead or a 16 TN Wulff for the broookies. As long as you are stealthy and present the fly well, they will usually hit it.

As for snakes, never have seen anything poisonous while fishing. Just use common sense on where you place your hands when climbing over boulders, and look on the other side of logs before stepping over them. I have had to worry about stinging insects more than snake for the past few years!

PM me if you want some specific locations and directions> ;) Good Luck!!

Byron Begley 05-09-2006 11:13 AM

Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26

The brook trout stream like Road Prong and Walker Camp Prong are fishing well. You might want to try Meigs Creek. I agree with ScFlyFisher's fly selection. I might add a #16 Yellow Stimulator.

About the snakes. I live in the Smokies. I'm not afraid of snakes so I never see them. I don't climb up the rock retaining walls that you find on some of these streams. I've heard of people getting bit while doing that. I've seen a lot more bears and coyotes than poisonous snakes while fishing or hiking. Also, it's kind of a tradition here in the mountains to end your fishing conversation about your favorite area with some sort of comment about it being snake infested. That's usually tongue in cheek.

I might be stepping on rattlesnakes and not know it. I just don't look for them. What scares me is a yellowjacket nest in the fall.


Paisano 05-09-2006 10:41 PM

Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26
Thanks for all the input my friends, Im much looking forward to coming down.

Anyone else with input it is much appreciated!!!

Thanks Again!

Fish ON!!!!


Paisano 05-18-2006 07:00 AM

Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26
I would just like to order up some good fishing and beautiful rain free weather for this coming week. Ill be in town Saturday and en route to LRO sometime either Sunday or Monday. Thanks to all that gave me some good info for my trip. See ya'll soon!!!

Fish ON!!!!


Sage 05-18-2006 09:22 AM

Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26

Concerning snakes, I saw one yesterday (5/17) on the Little River toward Elkmont. *I wouldn't worry too much about them, though. *You'll spot them easy enough while fishing if they are swimming. *As far as hiking and such, most paths are clear enough to spot them. *Unless you do some remote hiking, the footpath is in plain view. *I agree with Byron, the yellowjackets are more of a concern for me. *One thing you might want to bring is some "Off" or other bug repellent. *Sometimes the gnats can be mildly frustrating. *Kinda early for them, but I have encountered a few the last couple of weeks. *Sunglasses play a key role in reducing the # that end up swimming around with my eyeball.

Good luck and be sure to stop in at LRO. *They will take good care of you.

PS -- *Don't worry about the rain. *Some of the most productive days for many of us have been in the rain. *Plus, it keeps a lot of people off the streams, which gives you more places to fish.

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