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tennswede 05-14-2006 12:52 PM

Tremont Saturday 13th May 06
Well. I got up late and headed to LRO and got there around 3pm. I have been working around the house and finally made it to Townsend. I had a nice chat with Byron and Mr. Bryant from Chota. I bought a couple of items I don't really need and then headed for Tremont. The first five miles were extremely crowded and I talked to a few people and most had limited sucess. I decided to hike up Lynn Camp although I was late and I told Paula that I wouldn't do it due to being so late in the afternoon. I walked up the trail about a mile and began fishing. I had few good ones come up and inspect my fly but no takers. Then I got three rainbows in a short period of time on a Yellow Stimulator. The Yellow Sallies were coming off around 6 pm but not in heavy numbers. The water levels were a little too high for my liking and I quit fishing at 7 pm. The water was in the low 50's. It was a nice day but not real easy to fish.

David Knapp 05-14-2006 03:09 PM

Re: Tremont Saturday 13th May 06
It sounds like a nice afternoon. Fishing is better than other things you can do even when the bite is a little off... 8-). That section of stream is one I really enjoy fishing. Thanks for the report!

David Knapp

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