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Vern 05-22-2006 09:09 AM

Caney Fork Redneck
I fished Caney Fork yesterday and had the worst run in with what I consider a redneck I have every had. I hit the river at around 8:30am, there was a small hatch on. (sulfurs? still trying to learn to identify hatches) Hooked up on on nice rainbow and 7 or 8 small stockers. About 9:45 a couple came down the bank, didn't bother me on the caney you learn to deal with corn and one once sinkers being lobbed around you, But, these two were way beyond normal. First off they set thier cooler and tackle boxes on the bank right in front of me. Then the man in a loud voice exclaimed " look that dumb _ of _ is standing in our honey whole." the lady replied with a loud belch. I just changed to a wolly bugger and continued fishing. They wadded up stream a little ways and started lodding the one ounce sinkers across the stream. I caught a couple more stockers, when I heard the lady exclaim that she had one. it was a small stocker that I was glad to see her return to the water. The flelow told her that it was bad luck to let a small one go! and should have kept it. Well I continued to fish when I heard the sound of water being pourd into the river. When I turned around the man had heeded to the call of nature and was using the river. That was enought for me :(< I debated about saying something, but just decided to move on and fish someplace else.
It takes all kinds to make the world, but some I don't need to be around.

jim635 05-22-2006 11:05 AM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck
I have run into people like this in Arkansas. Standing in the area of a deep hole I had women casting large lead sinkers at me and then laughing about it. It's best not to say anything to people like that, their mentality is just above pond scum anyway. Only good thing is this time of the year that area is C&R only, so those types don't fish there. Now I am wondering are there C&R areas in the Park or other areas that I might go in June? Thanks


RFowler 05-22-2006 12:46 PM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck

It's best not to say anything to people like that, their mentality is just above pond scum anyway.
That's about as good a description as I've ever heard, Jim ;).

The only C&R in the Park that I know of is brookies. But, you should be able to find plenty of water to fish unmolested. When are you going to be there exactly?

jim635 05-22-2006 02:29 PM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck
We will be in Lenoir City on the 3rd and in Townsend area on the 6th. I still have to locate a place to stay. I am going to be stupid and not make reservations untill I get there. We are staying with my son, so I am not really sure when we are leaving his place. Hmmm we might be sleeping in my truck.


Grumpy 05-23-2006 07:59 AM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck
Was that you Vern, the wife thought you was cute & wanted to fish by you ;D, i don't give up water that easily, my casting froth's up the water behind & front of me, yep i still have some redneck in me & i'm pretty vocal to the ones that don't know much about ettiquite 8-)


Vern 05-23-2006 10:56 AM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck
Hey Grumpy, she didn't look bad in her pedator camo, that matched the river using man's. From your posts I Never would picture you as a little rat that I met on the river that day. I have learned to just move on instead of getting confrontational plus I was not real crazy about standing in the mans waste since I was down stream.. But when I do see people abusing the fish or breaking the law I will say something.
*I did get into a confrontation at the sme spot a couple years ago. My son and i were fishing the same strech of river, He was 10yr old at the time and was just getting use to wadding. I moved to a spot aliitle down stream and got into the stockers real good. I told my son to move down, whch took him a little time to work his way down. about the same time a man came off the bank and wadded up to with in 15 feet of me right were I wanted my son to stand. I politly asked the man to move down stream because I wanted my son beside me, he had heard me tell my son to move down. He informed the this was a public river and he could fish where he wanted. About that time I was no longer polite and after a few words he moved just far enough that my son could squeese in. I traded places with my son which put me where my back cast was flying over the mans head. He got tired of that and moved on.
* * *At the same spot I met a man fly fishing and he asked if it was OK for him to take my my son and work wiht him on some fishing skills. He said that he was thinking about becoming a guide and enjoyed working with kids. They stayed with in 20 yards of me so I said OK. My son had a great time and learned alot, sometimes coming from someone other than a dad they seem to listen better. Just goes to show that you met all kinds on the river!!! *

Grumpy 05-23-2006 12:12 PM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck
There are some mighty fine folks on the river, there's the occaisonal few that you ran into the other day that i can do without.
The bad thing is, we can remember those memories a little clearer than the best ones sometimes :-/


talkingpaul 06-05-2006 10:29 PM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck
I have fished the caney for probably 10-11 years now and seen plenty of the idiots you described. I had one strip down to his skivvies and jump for a nice splash and swim about 15 yards from me upstream. Then there are the kids that come out and dont want to fish anymore so they just throw rocks. I have learned to find the remote places. I now walk a couple of miles through the woods in Lancaster to a "special place". Sometimes it is very good thing to just disappear.

Sorry about my fellow rednecks. I am one, But fortunately i was not dropped too many times in my earlier years.

Grumpy 06-06-2006 08:35 AM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck
Posted on our BB over the weekend, 2 guys came down the river in a boat upon a guy FF'n, words were started, one guy get's out of the boat & advances on FF'r, he takes off vest & lays rod down, redneck chickens out, get's back in boat & they leave.
This was reported by an observer ready to take up the slack if the other guy had decided to join in.
I know it's getting warm & all, i go to the river to get away from everyday stress/life to enjoy myself. The last thing i want to do is get into a fight, the last thing i would do is back down from some yokel as well.
L ike the rest of ya, i try to get away from the crowds, a few fish & hours of enjoyment shouldn't be ruined by someone "dropped" as talkingpaul mentioned.
Let's hope the crowds will start to thin out as the temps& holidays get fewer in between.


DrDan 06-06-2006 01:19 PM

Re: Caney Fork Redneck
i have not fished the caney for a few years but did see more "unhappy interactions" as fishing pressure increased.

sadly, flyfisherman can be just as responsible as "rednecks" for altercations...many flyfisherman act like they own the river and are dispariging towards any other form of fishing. i have a friend who owns a chunk of river frontage on another is humorous to hear about people yelling at him for ruining "their fishing spot" when he literally owns the river and bar they are fishing from. he has no problems with people fishing...but will not tolerate people who abuse his family if they want to enjoy their property.

fighting over fishing is silly...and has the potential for something really guns getting pulled

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