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lauxier 06-10-2006 10:52 PM

smallmouth--trout--their whereabouts
I caught smallmouth bass in abrams and next to the elkmont campground.I fish for trout,especially brookies.smallmouth are fun to catch.they are smallmouth fishing limited by elevation?have you caught smallmouth at higher elevations?does anyone know of a stream or an area in the park where smallmouth and trout co-exist--away from the mainstream--tubers--human floaters etc.A friend told me--smallmouth rarely go after dry flies--the smallmouth i have caught in the park(by mistake--i was fishing for trout) were taken on ants and beetles in mid-summer--at the end of the day--close to dark--once,in Little River--I floated a #16 Adams--close to the opposite shore--doing a Mclean sweep --an 11 inch smallmouth took it and fought hard.I think when i return to the Smokies,i will have a few smallmouth flies with me--any recomendations?

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