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buckeyetrouter 07-03-2006 08:29 PM

tying class
does anyone know when the next beginning fly tying class is scheduled for LRO.....I have tinkered a little bit and have the equipment but need some direction and thought this would be the perfect chance for me to it would be a cheap excuse for me to get back into the park........Buckeyetrouter

Paula Begley 07-05-2006 12:05 PM

Re: tying class
buckeye....Just saw this post...the classes will be scheduled in the Fall and Winter...The schedule will be posted here as soon as the dates are set.


buckeyetrouter 07-05-2006 07:41 PM

Re: tying class
thanks fiance and I will be down Aug 2,3,4 with our friends and we intend to turn them onto LRO also.....


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