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Kevin_Thomas 08-13-2006 06:00 PM

Green Weenie Wonderland!
Went fishing above the cascades this morning around 0800 with my friend Mark. We started picking up small bows pretty quick. Mostly 5-6 inchers. After I caught about 15 I decided to drop a green weenie off my parachute adams. First cast wham... 8" bow on the weenie. Next hole same thing and so on. I took the dry off and just went with a strike indicator about 16" up and man it was crazy. The size of the fish I caught with the weenie were much better than the dry, and it was less work. Find a run, toss in a weenie and pull out a 7-9" bow. It was a great day.

While I'm on here I want to thank my friend Hans for really helping me work on my skills. I've only been fishing a few months and his help has been the key to my success. I ended up with about 30 to my hand and countless rips. Mark caught 10 and was very happy.


tennswede 08-13-2006 06:28 PM

Re: Green Weenie Wonderland!

I'm glad you had a good time. Nymphing up high is not exactly beginners fishing. I usually fish nymphs without strike indicators and that's what I did today on Clinch. I got to the river at about noon and had a small bump immediately. I caught one 12" bow after about a half hour and then everything went dead. Two other fishmermen in the vicinity didn't do to good either. I switched to a small black midge size 20 and immediately ripped a better size fish. Of course he didn't take again. I decided to call it quits since it was getting hot and it was past 3 pm anyway, the water was to come up shortly. I talked to one fly fisherman who had caught about 6 bow's in the run upstream of me. He caught them on wooly buggers. Go figure! He had a couple that looked to be about 14" or so. Can't wait until I can go to the big HI. Be ready Kevin for some completely different type of fishing. Work on that nymphing because that is what you are going to be doing more on lower elevation streams and tailwaters. See ya.

buckeyetrouter 08-14-2006 05:33 PM

Re: Green Weenie Wonderland!
was your green weenine tied with lead wrap then the chanille or just with the chanille.....I tied some at home with the lead wrap as one website suggested and they worked great for bluegills up here in ohio, but when I was in the park a few weeks ago, they didn't seem to do anything...........

good fishing &
God Bless

Kevin_Thomas 08-14-2006 05:42 PM

Re: Green Weenie Wonderland!
I guess this is a fly tying question... I bought them at LRO. I've not progressed to tying my own yet. I just started fly fishing back in May. LRO has two styles though. Mine are the ones with the bead head. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Congrats on your brookie. Hans took me to Greenbrier about a month ago and we caught 40+. It was an awesome day! Kevin

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