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SirSmokey 08-21-2006 01:24 AM

Alum Cave?
Hey guys I'm going to headed to the Alum Cave trail soon... Do you guys know if there are any hot spots there? Doesnt it follow the west prong river?

tennswede 08-21-2006 07:50 AM

Re: Alum Cave?
It follows Alum Cave Creek which is a fairly acidic creek with small fish.

flyinby 08-21-2006 10:22 AM

Re: Alum Cave?
My son and I hiked the Alum Cave Trail this past weekend. We fished the Walker's Camp Prong which runs along Newfound Gap Road. We parked at the trailhead and fished up stream for about 2- 3 hours. Brookies were hitting everything we threw. Most fish were in the 8- 10" range, but man it was a blast. We would still be fishing now, but we had to meet a group to hike to LeConte Lodge for an overnight stay. Highly recommended thing to do.

On the way down the next day, we went on the Rainbow Falls Trail. Towards the bottom, my son fished for about 15 minutes while we waited for our group to catch up. He caught a fish just about on every cast. While I didn't fish that much, I really, really enjoyed watching my son catch fish with flies he tied. He's possessed! And very good! I'm amazed.

Stay away from Alum Creek and fish those others.

"The Lord has blessed us all today. He's just been particularly good to me."

buckeyetrouter 08-21-2006 12:40 PM

Re: Alum Cave?
Hey Flyinby........your tag line, it that from Sir William Wallace and the movie Braveheart??????

Good Fishing &
God Bless


kytroutman 08-21-2006 02:29 PM

Re: Alum Cave?
buckeye, its from the movie "A River Runs Through It"

flyinby 08-23-2006 10:08 AM

Re: Alum Cave?
You are correct, kytroutman! A great movie, and the book is even better. I read the book recently, and it goes into much more detail regarding trout fishing. I highly recommend it.

The reason I use that tag is because I used it when my two sons and I would finish our trout fishing on the Caney or in the Smokies. The key here is "used to", because now my son uses it on me. Even though it stings a little, it still makes a daddy proud!!

kytroutman 08-23-2006 11:28 AM

Re: Alum Cave?
I had actually read Norman McLeans' book prior to the movie and much preferred it to the movie. Brad Pitt was just too pretty to match Norman's brothers character from the book. It and Isaak Walton's The Compleat Angler are fantastic fishing books.

14yearoldflyfisher 08-23-2006 08:41 PM

Re: Alum Cave?
thanks dad. finally giving me some credit. it was nice having you there to pull my fly line out past the tip of my rod. just kidding. ;D

SirSmokey 08-23-2006 11:53 PM

Re: Alum Cave?
Man guys i appreciae all of the information...-flyinby did you mean that you fished 'walkers camp prong' form the alum cave trail head? also what did you use for flies because im debating heading up there this saturday if the weather is good?

14yearoldflyfisher 08-24-2006 10:59 AM

Re: Alum Cave?

We parked in the Alum Cave Trailhead parking lot and entered the creek right at the trailhead. There's a little bridge that goes over the creek...cross over, and there's very easy access to the creek. We walked the creek up a ways, rock-hopping til we got to the first good pool.

It was nice fishing...not too many tippet monsters to watch out for, but it does get a little tight every so often. There are some pretty deep pools that may hold bigger time I go I'll certainly try the advice I received from some of you about getting a nymph down deep.

I fished BWO's, then switched to Light Cahill's...both patterns producing a few hits. But, it seemed that, when I switched to a black ant, the brookies were much more aggresive.

14yearold fished a stimulator...a real "buggy" looking fly that worked great. He stayed with it all morning and caught fish all morning.

The young dude at LRO steered us in the right direction on our fly choices. Head in there to get the best info...not only will he tell you what flys are working...heck...he'll even sell 'em to you ;D

Good luck and enjoy your trip!

"The Lord has blessed us all today. He's just been particularly good to me."

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