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J.Hightower 08-27-2006 06:24 PM

float tube fishing
I had been seeing a large bass around a log jam ... with deep water on all sides except the bank (it has plenty of every thing else)...I have walked by this fish several times this year...and he seemed to stare back....well I had enough this week sat. evening I drove 45 miles to B'ham and purchased a float tube and some of the kick paddle things.. packed all my gear in the the 8 wt out and ready...tied a couple of leaders with 10 lb tippet and was ready for 6 am loaded wife ask me if I had everything...I laughed and said yes...."what about fishing license" well yes...they were expired....unloaded truck went back in the house and waited for wallyworld to open....purchased new license at 9 home and loaded truck....parked at the river around 10am....put chestwaders on put float tube on my back and headed up the river....I still dont know why I wore the was about 90 deg....water was warm...and sweat was starting to fill my waders by the time I got to the log jam...and that smart a.s.s. in the tube and put the kick thingys on...( I must have been a sight)....first time tubing is interesting...finally got into position to cast...(by paddling with my hands mostly)....first cast no luck...(casting form a tube is different to say the least) second cast about 5 foot off...I look down at the stripping apron...which looked good...look back up to twitch the sneakypete....I cant see it so I pull the line a little still dont see it...I pull the slack out and it starts pulling back....I lift the rod and the fight is on...I gain a little ground and start wondering where i packed the camera...the fish is getting really mad about the hook in his face and starts dragging me and the tube to the logjam...I put more pressure on him and he turns and heads for the deeper water and then stops...I pull on the line and there is no give or pull...I broke the line and called it a day...j.hightower

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