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StayLow 09-13-2006 11:18 AM

Greenie Meanie Technique
I've been to the Smokies pretyy regulary to fish over the last two years. The last several weeks I've read about great results with the greenie meanie. I've been on the Little River about 1/2 mile above Metcalf Bottoms twice during this period and have had just minimal results with the grren one(but a little better with yellow stim dries). Should I put a weight on with the greenie? Is a strike indicator a necessity? Should I abandon the Little River until my skills improve ( i know it's fished alot)? Also, in general, do you guys prefer to get hung in a tree when trying to set a hook on a missed strike or on the back cast?


russ 09-13-2006 11:34 AM

Re: Greenie Meanie Technique
I tie my green weenies with lead wrapped around the shank for weight. *i also tie a few with no weight in case the fish are holding a little higher in the column. *Normally, yes you need to get the fly down deeper for the bigger fish. *You can put a split shot about 12" above the fly or use a weighted fly. *
I prefer not to use a strike indicator. *I use a elk hair caddis with the nymph dropped off of that about 18". *The caddis is my strike indicator. *once you get really good you wont even need this and you'll just 'know' that a fish is on. *
Finally, it is always better to set the hook even if your not sure if it's a rock or a fish. * If you aren't loosing nymphs during the day due to hang ups on the bottom rocks or because you set the hook and it flew into a tree then you aint fishing right! ;D

By the way, i fished almost every weekend in the Smokies for a year before I started to consistantly catch fish. Even now, when i get the chance to fish :-/, I will catch a bunch but they aren't always very big. i've always told myself, true or not, that a 10" fish from the Smokies is just as hard to catch as a monster from a river out west. You also need to get away from the main river where everyone else fishes. Don't even think about wetting a line until you are a mile away from the road up some deserted looking trail with a stream beside it. If you'll hike 30 minutes, then the fishing will improve exponentially. ;)

tennswede 09-13-2006 12:28 PM

Re: Greenie Meanie Technique

Please send your phone numbers again. I'll managed to loose your pm last time. I need to put them in my cellphone directory. I won't fish until Sunday afternoon after I visit Lefty Kreh at LRO.

buckeyetrouter 09-13-2006 04:52 PM

Re: Greenie Meanie Technique
hey Staylow....

I prefer to get snagged in the tree while setting the hook, now I know that may be a bit tooooooo aggresive, but it does mean that I did have a strike (good thing) and you don't have to look around near as much to see who was watching you......

good fishing and
God Bless

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