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scflyfisher 09-16-2006 08:56 PM

Bradley Fork Today
I decided to try something new today since I did not have time for the drive from S.C. to Townsend to see Lefty at LRO. My Dad and I went to Bradley Fork, which we have never fished before. Got there about 9:00 a.m. It was only about 58 degree air temp, so I thought the fishing might be a little slow until it warmed up. We ended up fishing for about three hours. Had about 10 bites and landed 6. All were rainbows on the small side, biggest about 8". It was just fun to get out and experience a stream I hadn't been to before. I thought Bradley Fork was a beautiful stream, I will definitely be going back sometime. Also, we were fishing just above the Smokemont campground, I imagine the fishing would have been better had we taken the time to hike in a little ways. What did all 6 fish come on: THE GREEN WEENIE OF COURSE.


russ 09-18-2006 12:12 PM

Re: Bradley Fork Today
Cool report. i've fished there once or twice but we've always gone a mile up the trail ;). Fish are about the same size as you described but they're not a spooky.

pineman19 09-18-2006 01:28 PM

Re: Bradley Fork Today
Nice report SCflyfisher,

The Bradley is a nice stream, a lot less gradient than many Smoky streams so it doesn't require a lot of rock hopping. You may want to consider fishing the stream closer to the headwaters, its a bit of a hike, but you can still catch browns along with rainbows up there and I believe if you go high enough you can catch some brookies as well. The nice thing is that you shouldn't have to worrry about many other fishermen and it's really a pretty area. Thanks for the report ;D


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