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appalachian angler 09-17-2006 04:41 PM

Thanks LRO!
I want to express my sincere gratitude for Byron, Paula, and everyone involved for putting on the Lefty Kreh weekend event! This was my first time meeting Lefty in person and truely enjoyed every minute of the time I spent at LRO Saturday morning! I had tho cheat my work schedule to get there but it was well worth it! I had purchased a new fly rod earlier that morning, and after having witnessed some truely remarkable casting during Lefty's clinic, I went home and immediately got the new rod out. Strung up the rod and went out on the front lawn to practise some techniques learned that morning. Thanks Lefty for your common sense tips that shed light on many of my own deficiencies! As always, the good stuff just keeps on flowing from LRO. My Kudos to all!


astro 09-26-2006 11:12 AM

Re: Thanks LRO!
I'd just like to add my belated thanks as well. *My brother-in-law and I traveled down to fish and more or less lucked into the Lefty Kreh demonstrations.

What a great opportunity to learn . . . not to mention buy some equipment. * Temple Fork rods by each of us and accessories galore 8-) *

Loved his style of teaching . . . *as we left the demo (it wasn't over) Lefty called out asking if we were chicken *;D *. . . nope just needed to hit the water *8-)

thanks again. *

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