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DALEFISH 10-09-2006 04:48 PM

nice day for a sipsey swim !!!!!
;Dheaded down to the sipsey saturday to meet my wife's boss.we fish alot togather down there.just had a stocking a couple of weeks ago and the poor fish still havent figured out what a bug is.anyway caught 11 on all sorts of things i dont usallly get to fish there.the havent ran water in a while and had none scheduled.usually under these conditions,the fish are stacked up in the areas close to the partner and i were across the river and about 6:30 the alarm sounded and here came the water.i hollared for jim to cross NOW! and i headed across.there was a short run close to the bank and i managed to cross it taking on water before the water got to me.jim headed down the river towards me before getting out and the surge caught him and down the river he went.all i could do is is shout encouragement to him but everthing came out all right.jim has done alot of whitewater rafting and stuff and handled himself good.still shakes you up.when will i learn!

justfishing 10-10-2006 10:47 PM

Re: nice day for a sipsey swim !!!!!

You and your boss were lucky. * :o When that dam starts you better be a good body surfer if you get caught in the water. We should all get a big credit from Alabama Power. Glad everything worked out.


DALEFISH 10-13-2006 04:46 PM

Re: nice day for a sipsey swim !!!!!
the riverside flyshop is having a big sale and demostrations on tying and rod building saturday the 14th.hope the area folks come a good time to learn about our sport and tips on how to fish the sipsey.
dalefish(the great white swimmer ;D)

bamafisherlady 10-16-2006 10:37 PM

Re: nice day for a sipsey swim !!!!!
Uh oh. Geez, I hate that feeling - of taking on water! Glad everything worked out ok. Was out of town last week but managed to fish for about an hour and a half on Sat. (wasn't able to get by Riverside until after it closed- I was in a big hurry to do some fishing :). We had a good day- about 10 caught and all released if they were unharmed. The others were delicious!

Some guy and his wife/ whatever were there and they said they caught over 100 (no exaggeration on my part) last week. Good grief!

It was sure something to see the lots of trout rising and flying out of the water even to get some bugs on top. They were very acrobatic and entertaining.

Have a good one.

DALEFISH 10-17-2006 04:44 PM

Re: nice day for a sipsey swim !!!!!
i`ve never caught as many as a hundred,but have caught 67 on day after a stocking.thats a good time to practice fishing with barbless flys.i mashed the barb down on my fly that day by accident and lost some fish but it didnt matter much,i was having a great time anyway.i wish you would have come by the flyshop.i was there tying some of my favorites(dale`s crimson midge).i`ve kinda been looking forward to meeting you fisherlady.i`ve seen your post a bunch of times but never of my friends was down there sat and said the fish were scattered down to the pump station.i`m kinda in the mood to fish down there for a while after the last exercise in futility(sp) ;D.the fish have been hitting big stuff on top pretty good and also some bigger nymphs.see ya

bamafisherlady 10-19-2006 08:59 AM

Re: nice day for a sipsey swim !!!!!
Sorry I missed meeting you. Maybe we'll see you down on the water sometime, I'll be the one with a bunch of girls following me :)

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