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mtnman2888 10-14-2006 07:48 PM

Brookie fishin' Saturday
Went brookie fishing today in a high elevation stream (obviously), about 5000 feet, in southwestern north carolina. Things were very cold when we got there this morning and i conveniently left my gloves at home :-[. Anyways, it took awhile before they started to bite, i only got one strike in about an hour of fishing on a small EHC. About 11:00, the temperature had warmed enough that the fish started to turn on and i started pulling in fish after fish. I caught many in the 6" range, some even smaller, and one that was probably about 8"!! However, that wasn't the biggest of the day. After walking, or should i say climbing, upstream i came across a nice little pool and as i peered up over a rock into the pool i saw a beautiful brookie that had to be about 10" feeding on top. I carefully positioned myself into the perfect position for a bow and arrow cast. It was the perfect cast and i was excited because i knew he couldn't pass me up. I was low and out of sight, nice cast with the fly hugging an undercut shelf, everything was perfect. Except the hook set! He came up and took my fly and i set the hook, but obviously not good enough as he shook it loose after probably 5 seconds. I could see him very good and this was clearly the biggest native brookie i had ever seen, let alone catch. Needless to say i was disappointed, but i can't complain after spending a day in god's country, purely untouched. If i knew how to post pictures i would do it, but i'm not sure how to. Anyways, i hope everyone else had a good a time as i did and caught some fish. Ya know, sometimes i just have to sit back and look in awe of the scenery......

MTN_TRT 10-14-2006 09:23 PM

Re: Brookie fishin' Saturday

Its always good to get out, aye? Ive fished for brookies in the summer (high elevation) and this week end i am going camping at the same place. You think it would be worth it to hike back and give em a shot? I dont know if theyll bite, its supposed to be cold and all. I just thought i might get an opinion on the situation.


mtnman2888 10-14-2006 09:52 PM

Re: Brookie fishin' Saturday
I think it's actually supposed to warm up a bit this week, so you should be good. I'm not the one to ask about cold weather brookie fishing, in fact i created a topic in the other section so i could get some advice about it. This week should be great though! Don't you just love catching native specs???? ;)

buckeyetrouter 10-16-2006 07:37 PM

Re: Brookie fishin' Saturday
hey guys....if I'm staying in Townsend, how far would it be to try some N.C. brookie streams...other than fishing on the reservation, I've not fishing the N.C. side.........are the park license still valid on that side or would I have to get another one.....


mtnman2888 10-16-2006 07:50 PM

Re: Brookie fishin' Saturday
A valid NC or TN state license will work anywhere in the park, so you'll be good. There are some very good brookie streams on the NC side, just like in the TN side. PM me and let me know kinda what areas you would be interested in going and i can give you some suggestions.

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