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Deedub 10-25-2006 12:33 AM

Duck River
Anyone fished to Duck River below Normandy Dam lately. I've heared it picks up pretty good with the temps heading down.
Is it worth giving a shot this weekend? If not, I'll head to the Caney or somewhere else. Just looking for some different places.
Thanks and I appreciate all the advice from people on this site.


Grumpy 10-26-2006 09:24 AM

Re: Duck River
I haven't heard any reports, have you checked the stocking schedule to see if they've put any fish in it yet? The Duck dosen't "holdover" very welll & most folks abandon it once the temps start to rise in the summer.


Giantfish 10-27-2006 01:31 PM

Re: Duck River
Hi Im new but and only 14 but i do know that this weekend will be tricky because it will probally be cold and rainy. :P The fish may like it or not, I'm not sur it all depends on the fish.

nailman_83 11-05-2006 12:20 PM

Re: Duck River
The duck is part of the TWRA winter stock program. They should start to stock this month. If you are looking for a fishing report go to: Tim owns the fly shop in lynchburg. If you get a chance go in and talk to him. I try to every time I go to the Elk or Duck. He is very informative and can tell what flies are doing well.

I hope this helps.

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