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Kytroutbum 11-08-2006 06:46 PM

Fishing report- Above Elkmont- Monday
My wife and I took our daughter and two kids to Pigeon Forge for a 4 day weekend reprieve. Our son-in-law is in the guard getting ready to head to Afganistan and she has been a single parent most of the summer. I did get permission to sneak my rod and some flies along and wet a line one afternoon. I walked up above Elkmont about 10:00 on Monday and picked up 3 rainbows just above the summer homes. I was fishing Copper John and beadhead pheasanttail nymphs with a Renegade Dry as my indicator. The fish wouldn't touch the nymphs but rose to the Renegade. I switched to a #18 BWO and picked up three nice bow's and missed rises. I walked up about another hour then then picked up four more fish- 2 bow's and 2 browns higher up. The sun went under a cloud about 1:30 and everything shut down. I hit a couple pools where I had seen fish as I walked up, tried BWO's and then the nymphs. No action. If I could get back Thursday and Friday, I'd make sure I fished Mid-day and keep some BWO in stock!
Randy Sale

Mr. E 11-09-2006 09:49 AM

Re: Fishing report- Above Elkmont- Monday
Blue winged olives, what a wonderful fly! Sounds like a great time. If I can find the link, I have some pictures of trout from Central Asia (not sure if it was Afghanistan).

Mr. E

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