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Fishermansfly 03-29-2007 08:42 PM

Blue Gill @ Alcoa Duck Pond w/PICS!!!
The fish are stirring around here! Due to my two days on the pond I have created a fly fishing friendsy. Kinda funny actually, two guys fishing with their plugs had seen me reeling in fish and decided to watch. So today they brought their rigs with them. Take make this funny I'm watching this poor kid lobbing this popper on about a foot and a half of leader. He asks "Man I can't get this thing out there like you can! Which is hillarious because I'm lucky to be putting more than 35 feet of line on the water. I look up to see his fly dangling a meer foot below his leader and I replied "Well that's your problem" To top it off he had some Sten 10lb line attached to his leader. So I ever so politely refered him to you all telling him he needed to seek the help of LRO. He clipped his line off and tied on about 9' of Sten and went back to lobbing his popper with a little more success. All of the better fish were schooling at about 30ft out. During all of this poor fellows mess I managed to land a better than average blue and he put up a good stuggle on my six weight! When I got home my father had called to let me know he was watching three fellows with fly rods fishing the duck pond in Maryville.

Any who here she is! She was as long as my handle cant remember if that's 8'' or 9'' either way a fat bluegill too!!!

mmorgan135 03-29-2007 10:17 PM

thats a pretty big blue gill. I cant remember which summer it was but one summer in high school when I used to have a little 14' alumacraft I was fishing for bass in the back of a cove when I noticed that there tons of blue gills gathered in the back of this slough. After easing around with the trolling motor I found out that they were making their beds in the soft silt all the way down to what looked like little pea gravel. Well I immediately went home and grabbed an ultralight spinning rod, hooks and a thing of nightcrawlers. I lost track of home many I caught that day but I eventually ran out of bait. I came back the next morning and used a small bettle spin and that made it alot easier unhooking them because they didnt swallow the hook as bad. But the next time I made it back there most of them were already gone. Sure wish I could hit it that good again now that I have a fly rod.

Anyway, great story and good pic. Where about is this duck pond?

ttas67 03-29-2007 11:55 PM

is that the pond by the school? I always wondered about casting a fly rod in there.

Fishermansfly 03-30-2007 12:55 AM

Yes, sir!
I dare not give you a Grumpy response! If I did though it might go like this


Paulla will appreciate that along with Grumpy!

I live really close, so it's been kinda hard to stay away for some reason! If you can manage your line out 40ft you'll get some pretty good blue gill! There is also some decent size carp circling and tailing! There's one that would probably go in the 35lb range but I can't get him interested! There's a few largemouth out here too! It's really nice when they stock it for the fishing derby! They are worse than rainbow after being stocked, dumb and hungry!

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