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Stonefly 02-04-2008 01:33 PM

Michigan Steelhead
How late into the spring is there decent steelhead fishing in the streams in Michigan? I.e., is it all done by Feb or March?

I'm thinking maybe the Manistee, the Muskegon or the PM.


kytroutman 02-04-2008 06:30 PM


I have fished there as late as mid-April and still encountered the steelheads in the streams. It's also pretty good fishing in August in Lake Michigan once the steelheads and kings have made their runs, though you can't fly fish.

Stonefly 02-08-2008 09:31 AM

Kytroutman -

Thanks much. I may have a chance to combine a business trip with some fishing, and would seem that the later the better, as far as weather goes. Long as there's still fish in the crick, of course.


Jswitow 02-08-2008 03:25 PM

Michigan Steelhead
Steve couple of outfitters on the subject.
Schmidt Oufitters (wellston I think)
Gray Drake (
Dustan Harley (
Have fished with Gray Drake and Ripple, would recommend both. Fished with both on the Muskegon.
I understand the St. Joe fishes well in the Spring as well as the Muskegon and Manistee and Little Manistee.

ccmmcc 02-09-2008 08:11 PM

The steelhead can still be caught into April, but it really starts to slow down by mid-April. I can suggest Schmidt Outfitters. The guides are all first class. Ray Schmidt is a great guy. I recommend a guide by the name of Larry. By the way, they fish mainly on the Manistee, but also some of the smaller rivers around like the Pine, Bear and Little Manistee. Enjoy.

Realtyman 02-09-2008 11:37 PM

There's not but one way to find out for sure:biggrin: I've been itching to go for the last 4 months.

Sweepercts 02-29-2008 11:13 AM

Michigan Steel
You will want to watch it closely this year. They are predicting a big run and with winter holding on like it is it will probably linger based on weather and numbers of fish. It is normally over by mid-April but should hold on this year and some streams are later than others. The PM is my favorite stream but the MO and Manistee get good runs as well.


Byron Begley 03-03-2008 07:13 PM


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The Principal 07-25-2008 11:18 PM

Does the PM have a fall run? Say, middle of Sept.?

Stonefly 07-26-2008 12:51 PM

Fall run
As I recall, we fished the king run in Sept about 20 yrs ago. The steelhead were just coming in then, but the kings were strong.


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