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KnoxBioBenz 03-01-2008 11:49 PM

Hiwassee River
Fishing was slow but I did notice some fish movin around, just not toward my flies. Nothin hatching yet unfortunately enough.

TroutMaster 03-06-2008 10:52 AM

I swear I saw a huge striper? roll just below the output at the powerhouse. Wooly buggers are the way to go this time of year for trout. I did well last weekend on buggers and dries.

Shaggy 03-06-2008 11:34 AM


What size and color woolly buggers do you use?

BlueRaiderFan 03-06-2008 03:07 PM

What's the best way to fish the Hiwassee? Park by the road? Raft? I don't have a drift boat or even a canoe! lol. I would have to rent any boating devices.:redface:

TroutMaster 03-06-2008 03:44 PM

You don't need a boat or float, depending on the water generation schedule. The Hiwassee is the easiest, most accessible trout water around. I personally have and seen reports of other people catching nice trout an virtually any color bugger, white, black, and brown are common. Someone caught a 13 pound brown 2 weekends ago....he looked like a "chucker" but I'm not sure how he was fishing.

tn scout 03-12-2008 08:13 PM

Actually the Hiwassee caught 9 lb 10 oz (that I know of)
has a pic lower left www.hiwassee,net Also heard of a 9 lb brown out of Tellico (somewhere) and this one here 24 " rainbow in the Polk County TN News- congrats Amber-you are famous! Hiwassee and Tellico both fishing awesome.

David Knapp 03-12-2008 11:05 PM

The hatches should really be coming on strong on the HI soon. Look for cloudy and preferably rainy days for AWESOME dry fly action especially in another 2-3 weeks, maybe a little more. April should be great!

Here's a link to a video from last spring. The water was boiling from all the rising fish...

ALflygirl 03-13-2008 01:18 PM

That is an awesome video. Would love to see that when we go to the HI in mid April! Also, I enjoy reading your blog. When I found it, I read all of the archives on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Good info and good writing.


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