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buckeyetrouter 03-02-2008 08:53 AM

Old Fashioned Fish Camp
I know this has been talked about, but is there any interest in doing an old fashioned fish camp with folks from this board........


limbsnagger 03-02-2008 07:42 PM

Hey buckeye. The old thread you're probably refering to was one I had posted after reading one of Byrons fishing reports in which reference to opening day of trout season and the experieces of being in towns like Roscoe. There wherer a couple of people interested including yourself. Honestly, I'd thought that type of thing would have gotten a little stronger response but people are all different. I suppose some folks probably don't camp as much as they fish. Actually I wonder if people in general camp as much as in times since gone? Then theres the whole meeting & dealing with folks you've not realy met except on the net which some may think is rolling dice on a good fishing trip & honestly that may not be unfounded. Speaking from experience I've gone first time fishing with guys and had a blast & I've taken some fellas with me & they ruined the day with winning about not catching 20 fish or they just moaned and groaned in general. Fishing buddies are usually selected out carefully & alot of guys will not camp/fish with anybody else once those circles are formed. Personally, I'm type of person that will take a chance on any one once; so I'd be up for something myself! Would be willing to help get camp site or set a date but the problem is trying to reserve something and not knowing how many folks might or might not show.


Byron Begley 03-02-2008 08:23 PM

Chad and Bob,

I totally missed that thread. Interesting idea. I started looking for a fish camp here in 1980. My best friend Frank Brown from Kentucky and I were going to buy one as a partnership. Instead we settled on buying land next to each other in the late 80's. His land is still here with no structures but I built a house on mine. Top on our list of criteria was it had to be on a trout stream. I ended up buying 11 acres with a trout stream running through it. Now, with all of the streams and rivers around here owning a stream is not as big a deal as it was back then. I lived in Nashville and it was a dream come true. I hardly ever go down there anymore. I prefer to drive an extra 10 minutes and be on the Middle Prong. At one time some guys got together and bought a camp on a tailwater nearby. The story I've heard, one of the buys ruined it for the others. He got caught there cheating on his wife. The camp folded soon after. People say one of the members bought it, he and his wife moved there and later he passed away. I knew him and a couple of the other original members. My friend Frank has a hunting camp in Kentucky. We spend a couple of weeks there every year during turkey and deer season. It is like a home away from home. There are liability issues to consider, insurance, buy/sell agreements and other legal things to think about. But it is an interesting concept. Land and cabins are expensive here, especially on the Little River. My experience on owning multiple homes or condos boils down to this. It's cheaper and more flexible to rent. Now, if you want to buy raw land to build a pavillion, have power and water, bring in a portajohn when people are there, and use it for camping that might be a feasible option.


Byron Begley 03-02-2008 08:35 PM

I kinda missed the idea. You are talking about organizing a camping trip at a campground?


Sweepercts 03-02-2008 09:12 PM

Salmon Camp
Hi Guys,

Actually this is something that we do at least twice a year up here. Sometimes we stay in a pop up and sometimes a tent, but always it is rustic at best. And that makes it all worth while because the less amenities the harder we fish and even then we don't probably fish as hard as we can. The salmon camp story over at TCS is about that camp. It is now in its 11th year and we also have spring camp where we chase steelhead or trout. There is a core group of guys and it always seems like there is a new face or two. If you have that core, the guys that whine or don't fitusually just drop out. We have fun with it though and if you can get that core of 4-5 guys together I recommend it for sure.


buckeyetrouter 03-02-2008 09:28 PM

so let's extend out an invitation to try a fish camp (renting campsites or hiking back a bit) and see what response we get....

here it goes......wanting to start a once a year or spring & fall fish camp - who might be interested ? ? ? Looking to start something that is annual tradition type of get together.......
could start out as a long weekend type of thing.....


ijsouth 03-02-2008 09:47 PM

I'm up for it, particularly after the kids are out of school.

limbsnagger 03-02-2008 11:34 PM

I'm jazzed up about this one! I'm in definetly. Looking foward to meeting you folks. Will be glad to help any way I can.:smile:


guerillafish 03-02-2008 11:51 PM

Time permitting I would be up for it. I'd love to get the opportunity to meet you guys and to get some insight into fishing the park since I'm new to the sport.


David Knapp 03-03-2008 12:16 AM

I might be interested, time allowing of course... I already come up to camp fairly often anyway...:biggrin:

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