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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
Yeah, I landed a few of the meatier ones. However; they were being finicky on this day and I had to actually use some split shot to hit the bottom layer. It was a challenge as I was not prepared to do that and my rig kept coming up with tons of vegetation. The smaller fish were actively taking midges (emergers) just below the surface. The larger fish were holding on the bottom layer and taking larger nymphs with a selective take...

To clarify; most of the larger fish in this video are in the 12-15" range. Notice the abnormal dimpling in the females' bellies.

Note: If you have a fast connection; be sure and change the video setting to 480p and use a larger window to get the best views.
Try using tungsten beads if you don't already, also florocarbon is well worth the extra money as well.
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